Two Years of Ducky Goodness

My blog is turning two today.  I’d send you all goodies to celebrate my blog’s birthday, but considering this is such a big holiday, celebrated by trillions (I know there aren’t even that many people alive right now), I knew the post office would be packed, so I decided to just celebrate with this post.

            This year has been more fun for my blog than last year, due in part to the fact that no one had any idea who I was at the beginning of year one.  I’ve also met new people, while some have gone inexplicably missing.  Sure hope they’re okay.  I conducted a search within a twenty foot radius of my house, and they were nowhere to be found.  Truly bizarre.  I’ve also had fun writing many new posts, including an analysis of Rayman and his questionable deeds (complete with undeniable evidence of his misconduct), not to mention an analysis of Santa Claus and his questionable deeds, what I would do if I was an apparition, and the time I got absurdly lost.

            Outside the blog, it was a great year for video games.  I finally played “Final Fantasy VII”, which I’ve been wanting to play for many years.  I also played “The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword”, which blew my socks off.  If you hadn’t noticed, my feet are naked right now.  I also completed the scripts of both of my comics, joined the Raywiki, and finished the lines of a super epic “Final Fantasy VII” picture.  I’ve been working on it off and on for months, and it still needs coloring.  Slowing me down is the fact that I was working on an awesome “Skyward Sword” picture up until yesterday, and now I’m working on a big picture that shows my drawing progress since 2004.  Then, I’ll finally return to my “FFVII” picture.  I hope.  If I don’t get distracted again by something else.  I’m also dieting.  Lost almost 6 pounds so far.  Yay!  I’m rewarding myself with half a corn dog today.  How fun!

            Now for some stats.  So far, I’ve done 167 posts, but I believe 86 were just this year (that’s up 5 from last year).  My post with the top number of comments is “The Liebster Blog Award” with 17 comments.  The post with the top number of likes is “Inkling” with 9 likes.  Methinks my best day for views was 2/25/12 with 51 views.  I’ve had 6475 views total.  (Question, though.  If Cerberus were to look at my blog, would that count as 1 view or 3?)  I also have 682 comments (about half are mine, though) and 41 followers (33 are from this year alone!).  Yay!  I’ll have an army capable of conquering the world in no time!  You’re all agreeing to join my army when you follow me, right?  Thought so.

            So it’s time to begin the next year of my blog.  I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing, plus make a few changes.  I am slowly moving my pictures from the pages to posts of their own, so several of those pages will eventually disappear.  I like to get feedback on each individual picture.  And in the future, my comics may end up here someday.  By the end of the year, I’d also like to put up that picture on my drawing progress since 2004, maybe once I finish my “FFVII” picture.  Plus, I’m working on a special kind of post that I’ll put up every once in a while.  For whatever reason, I’m keeping it a secret.  The initials are WtDA.  Guess what it stands for?  I dare you!  I double duck dare you to guess it!  No wait, I triple duck dare you to guess it!  Now you have no choice!

The Duck Who’s Blog Has Reached the Terrific Two’s


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