The Duck Gets in a Melee

I decided to check out “Super Smash Bros. Melee” again not that long ago, and it was a bit of a strange experience.  I found out the hard way that characters can’t swim in this game like they can in “Brawl” when Young Link sank to the bottom of Great Bay like a stone.  I also now see that the graphics I thought were so beautiful in the past pale in comparison to the graphics of “Brawl”.  They were great for their time, but now they’re just okay.  Also, it took me some effort to figure out the controls again.  I am so used to playing “Brawl” with the Wii remote that I just couldn’t figure out the GameCube controller again.  Got A and B attacks.  Easy.  Took some time to learn how to grab people and use the shield again.  But, how in Hyrule do you throw items?  Link grabbed this fan, and I couldn’t get him to let it go.  Put it down, Link!  Put it down!  Bad boy!  Put!  It!  Down!  I felt around the controller, making the poor thing likely feel rather uncomfortable, pressing everything, until I noticed the hidden Z button I had completely forgotten about.  That did the trick.  Good boy, Link.  Now replace those tights with some pants.

            Once all that was settled, I had almost somewhat of a fun time.  Kind of.  I remember when this game first came out, I was so excited, despite not being a fan of the original “Super Smash Bros.”  The graphics looked so much better.  There were so many new characters and new levels.  There were trophies now, event matches.  It was fantastic.  But, now that I’ve done almost everything in it, it’s a bit sad and boring.  “Brawl”, too, has lost much of its original thrill.  While the games are extremely fun when I first get them, I have no desire whatsoever to do any of those things over again.  I am not suffering through those horridly difficult event matches again or playing however many hours it took to get Mewtwo.  For me, the replay-ability (is that a word?) is just not there for this series.

           Luckily, there are a few things I still haven’t been able to do, which made playing the game a bit fun again.  I found that two event matches were left, 36, I think, and 49.  I beat 36, where you play asNess, and he has to beat several characters like Samus and Kirby, but 49 is impossible.  This is where you can play as anyone, and you must beat some of the new characters.  Dr. Mario beats the snot out of me every time.  He’s a terrible doctor.  And I actually got a new trophy.  I did Adventure Mode, and for the first time ever, Giga Bowser showed up.  I have no idea why.  But, I beat him and got the trophy.  It’s weird that after a decade of having the game, I can still get new things.

           In short, this game saddens me a bit to remember how fun it used to be, and now I can’t play that long without getting bored.  Games are almost always the best the first time through, but many of them still stay fun for years to come.  But, with “Super Smash Bros.”, it isn’t fun to do things over again.  Not for me, at least.  It kind of takes the fun out of the next “SSB”.  I look forward to it, but once I play it, it’ll likely suffer the same fate as the other games unless they do another story mode and do it even better than “Brawl” did.  Let’s have a moment of silence for the awesomeness “Melee” used to have.  …  …  There, that was nice.

Giga Duck


4 thoughts on “The Duck Gets in a Melee

  1. Did Melee come out on the…Gamecube? I remember the original and Brawl, but not that one. I just did a post on the weirdness of memory and replaying older games. Sometime the replaying works, and sometimes it doesn’t. I imagine we all get caught up in the newness of new games, and in that moment, they are nothing less than awesome (we hope, anyway). But put 10 years between yourself and that game, and the replay experience can be something quite different, something quite less than awesome. There are exceptions, of course.

    On a completely unrelated note, how about that Dr. Mario? I can’t imagine how in the world he ever got his PhD. Perhaps he cheated the system! Maybe Luigi knows something about that, which is why he’s usually so very silent.


    1. Yep, Melee came out on the GameCube. It feels like it came out a long time ago. A friend had it, and it looked awesome, so I just had to get it. It is very weird how games can change over the years. For whatever reason, certain games stay pretty much the same somehow, when others are just not fun anymore. It’s a shame. I wonder if Skyward Sword won’t be nearly as exciting on the second try as it was the first. I hope not. My standards were low when I got it, but now my standards for it are high.
      You’re right, how did Dr. Mario become a doctor? Perhaps that does explain why Luigi’s always so nervous. Poor guy.


  2. Giga Duck,

    I just had a moment of silence in your honor.

    Non game playing Duck or Duck Novice

    PS. Have you ever played Diablo. My fiancee purchased the new one a few weeks ago and has playing that for days.


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