Top Songs from Rayman 3

Another music post, this time on the music from “Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc”.  While not as good as the music of “Rayman Origins”, “Rayman 3” does have some good music of its own that complements the levels very nicely.  I included links to Youtube, like usual.

            10. “Begoniax” is the music that plays during the fight with the witch, Begoniax.  I hated this battle with a passion, but the music made it not so bad.  I don’t know if this is the same version I remember, but I can’t find anything else.

            9. “Hoodmonger Outpost” is some pretty music that plays in Clearleaf Forest.

            8. “Disco Jam” is funky music played in this room with the Teensies early in the game and is also kind of similar to music played in the “funkyboard” levels.  When I hear it, I am tempted to dance like the Teensies.

            7. “Razoff’s Wrecking Ball” is played in Razoff’s basement, where he rides around on a wrecking ball and tries yet again to kill you.  Once again, the people responsible for the music did a good job, especially when I would have no idea whatsoever what music goes with such an absurd battle.  Good thing no one asked me to compose any music for it, then.

            6. “The Great Escape” is played when you’re escaping from the rising lava in Hoodlum Headquarters.  It scares me.  It sounds like I’m being chased by a bee swarm.  If said bee swarm did ever chase me, I wouldn’t be surprised if this music started playing out of thin air.

            5. “Curious Globox” is a pretty song that plays outside of the Fairy Council.  It has a magical feel to it.

            4. “Land of the Livid Dead” is played early on in the level with the same name.  The music is pretty and peaceful.

            3. “Begoniax Swamp” plays in the first part of the Bog of Murk, outside of Begoniax’s place.  I think this one has a very interesting sound to it.

            2. “Razoff’s Mansion” plays in Razoff’s mansion, of course, which may not be very fitting when you have a lunatic with a rifle after you, but I like it nonetheless.  It also features the kazoo and, I think, a harpsichord.  What good song doesn’t?

            1. “Hoodoo Sorcerer” has always been my favorite.  It has an odd sound and a good beat.  It sometimes plays when you have to fight a Hoodoo and also during the credits.

Duck Jam, the music, not the food


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