The Enemy Reveals Herself

Because Cynder’s awesome and the only good part of that game

This is an old picture I did from “The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning”, when Spyro faces his enemy, Cynder, towards the end.  I wanted to draw Cynder because I thought she looked pretty cool.  I made the picture at an angle to give more the feeling that Spyro was in a dangerous situation.  I was proud of my lightning skills.  I wish I drew Sparx, the dragonfly, better, though.  Anyway, the characters and location are property of Sierra and Krome Studios, I think.

And Then the True Horror Begins When the Duck Steps Out From Behind Cynder…


2 thoughts on “The Enemy Reveals Herself

    1. Thanks. I don’t try putting a picture at an angle very often, but sometimes it gives things an interesting look. It might be weird if I do it too much, though. Heh heh.


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