Una Vida Glou Glou

“Rayman Origins” is one of the most unique games ever, with equally unique music.  The music in this game is some of the best and most different I have ever heard.  These songs have interesting sounds to them, including songs with voices singing, but usually not human voices.  The voices sound more like creatures in the game (I believe it’s the Lums singing), which made it more interesting to listen to.  So the loading of my blog doesn’t take longer, I included links to youtube rather than videos (I don’t know if it would matter, but I don’t want to slow things down, just in case).  I am thoughtful.

            10. “Village on the Water” is a peaceful, Hawaiian sounding song in the ocean levels.  I want to play a ukulele and sing along.  “Ai maka liki naki wani.  Oo la.  Ai maka liki naki wani.  La la oo.”

            9. “Panic at the Port” is a fun, faster Hawaiian sounding song in the ocean levels.  Also want to sing along.  “Waka doo waka doo waka DOO!”

            8. “Mecha Factory” is played in the Moody Clouds level.  (I felt the clouds were more fussy than moody myself.)  I especially like the beginning.

            7. “Land a Chef” is a jazzy song played in some of the frozen levels.

            6. “Chasing a Dream” is a Western sounding song played in part of the Land of the Livid Dead.  It doesn’t fit the level super well, but I still like it.

            5. “The Abyss” is played in deep water in the ocean levels.  I like the creepy sound to it.  It makes me feel cold and alone.  It gets even better at 1:07.

            4. “One Step at a Time” plays in some jungle levels.  It is good, but takes a while to start.  Skip ahead to 1:45 if you want to go right to the good part.  I like that more and more is added as the song goes along.  A nice beat is added, and then some twanging.  It’s fun.

            3. “Nowhere to Run” is played in part of the Land of the Livid Dead.  It sounds a bit Western to me and sounds like it’s being whistled, while parts sound like the undead are chiming in (which may ruin it a bit, but anyway).  I also really like the vocals that start around 1:00.  This one makes me sad, but I still really like it.  I really wish I could whistle now.

            2. “Swimming Against the Stream” is played in some ocean levels and sounds very symphony-ish, if that makes any sense.  It is a really good song.  I just love it.  Sounds like a lot of string instruments.  I think it can really compete with real classical music.  Forget you, Mozart!

            1. “Lums of the Water” / “The Lums’ Dream” are two versions of the same song played in some ocean levels, the former a happier version played in shallower water, and the latter is a more sad version played in the deep water.  I couldn’t decide on which I liked better, so I have both here.  I love the vocals and the fact that sometimes it has an underwater sound.  I just love this song.  It’s one of the best I have ever heard.  Ever.

Nowhere to Duck

3 thoughts on “Una Vida Glou Glou

  1. I chose No 6 first because of its title, ‘Chasing a Dream’ – and I’m so glad I did…the beat, tempo is perfect and I enjoyed listening to it! Thanks, Duck.. 🙂


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