What Happens When Rayman’s Snoring Literally Wakes the Dead

About 10 years ago, I played “Rayman 2”, and it was awesome.  To my joy, “Rayman 3” came out.  It was fun, as well.  Then, they kept making these weird games that consisted only of mini-games, “Raving Rabbids”, that had these rabbits that apparently liked to scream a lot.  These games saddened me.  But not long ago, after an eight year wait, I was so excited to see that a normal “Rayman” game finally came out again.  That game was “Rayman Origins”, which I recently beat with all 246 Electoons.  (I was so proud of myself.  I really didn’t think I’d be able to do it.)

            This game is fun, sometimes funny, and very unique.  It has lovely, cartoonish graphics, strange places to explore, unique music, and lots of challenging levels, including a world with giant instruments and levels where you ride on a giant, pink moskito.  It’s also back to being a side-scrolling game like the original.  Throughout the levels, you must collect Electoons by freeing them from cages, by collecting enough Lums (usually 150 for one Electoon and 300 for another), or by getting through the level within a time limit.  You also learn a few moves, such as swimming (I guess Rayman forgot he could do this in previous games) and running up walls.  You can also play as different characters, like Globox and Teensies in a zillion different outfits, but you must get Electoons to unlock them.  You can also play the game with several people, but I never did.  Leave me alone.  Don’t touch my things!

            Story-wise, the game starts with Rayman and his friends snoring so loud that they woke the monsters in the Land of the Livid Dead.  The rest of the story is unclear, so I had to read about it elsewhere.  Apparently, all this caused the Bubble Dreamer (who is apparently important) to have nightmares, which causes Rayman to need to collect Electoons to help him, I guess.  (The story is a lot clearer in the other games.  I’m not sure why it was so vague this time.)  The game actually seems to end and the credits go by before you ever even reach the Land of the Livid Dead.

            After this, however, you then can get to the Land of the Livid Dead (which I guess is an extra area) and defeat the final monster, Big Mama, by collecting all ten skull teeth.  To get skull teeth, you must collect enough Electoons to unlock these certain levels.  In these levels, you chase this chest that is absolutely bent on escaping until it stops at the end and you can break it.  Man, that thing can run.  I guess I can’t blame it, but I wish it would chill out.  Simmer down, you silly chest.

            I did manage to finish the Land of the Livid Dead, which I’m quite proud of.  It was absurd.  (Way harder than the Land of the Livid Dead in “Rayman 3”.  And the dead really are livid here.)  After dying many, many times in the first section, I decided I wasn’t going to play much longer.  Just a few more tries.  Then, I completed that section, and I thought I could still stop at this point.  I’m sure I could redo section 1.  Then, I got through the first half of section 2.  Hmm, if I stop now, I can probably do it again.  I think.  But, I kept going.  Once I beat the second half of section 2, I knew there was no turning back.  No way was I putting myself through this madness again.  So after playing about an hour longer than I intended, I finished it.  It’s just one level, and I’m glad.  I can’t take anymore.  After a weird boss battle against Big Mama, even though she did me no harm (I felt pretty guilty about this one), they made me watch the credits again.  Why must they punish me?  You can now destroy the credits, which doesn’t make up for the crap they put me through.

            I absolutely love this game.  It is so different.  The music is some of the best I’ve ever heard, and the colors are beautiful.  I do have one main complaint with the game, though.  Other than the dubious plot, I think the game is a bit too hard sometimes.  I loved that this game challenged me, but I just don’t like when you must be perfect and know what’s coming ahead of time to get through things.  This isn’t always the case, but it can be for bosses and the levels with the skull teeth chests.  The game’s not impossible, just super hard.  Fortunately, there are no lives, so you can die a zillion times and keep trying.  (Believe me.  I know.)

            There is another thing that angered me quite a bit in this game, this time because of either a glitch or bad level design.  It’s the level called Pirate’s Treasure.  It’s one of those levels where you chase the chest with the skull tooth the whole time.  The screen follows the chest, and you die if you fall behind.  In this one, right before the end, you are jumping up between these two masts.  The right mast will break in half and fall, and the chest will continue right.  If you jump up wrong, the chest freaks out and zooms to the right, causing the camera to follow.  You have no way of keeping up.  I died so many times because of this.

            I went to Youtube for help, thinking I was doing something wrong, and I saw that lots of people had this issue.  So I watched videos and read comments, then, tested out the piece of advice given most often.  And it worked.  I was so happy.  When you’re ready to jump up the mast, let go of the control stick and tap the jump button fast.  Don’t hold it or anything.  It doesn’t seem any different, but Rayman jumps up the masts, the chest falls with the broken mast, you jump right, and the camera moves slowly.  You can then glide to the right, avoid the fire when you land, and run right and finish the level.  The day I beat it, I reached the mast five times, and the glitch happened only once.  (I kept landing on the fire the other three times I failed.)  So if you have trouble with this level, try this.  I almost guarantee it will work.  Forget all that stuff about not using spin attacks, changing characters, or deleting stuff.  I don’t think that makes a difference.

            But anyway, this game is a lot of fun.  I wasn’t sure about it at first because it was really weird and sometimes pretty frustrating, but now I really like it.  It was quite a challenge, and I feel quite proud of myself now for finishing it.  I would recommend it to anyone who wants something super unique.

Land of the Livid Duck


4 thoughts on “What Happens When Rayman’s Snoring Literally Wakes the Dead

  1. Rayman is one of those series that I was always intrigued about but never got around to playing. Over the past weekend, I noticed that the games were on the Playstation Network. The Rayman games look and sound like fun and I still remember the early TV commercials for the first game (didn’t have a Playstation back then), and I loved that Rayman managed fairly well without anything connecting his arms, legs, and head to his body. I imagine he’s got some mad skillz – I’d probably have them too if it weren’t for all the connective muscle and tissue and such.


    1. You should check them out if you ever get the chance. I was never a huge fan of the original (though, I only have a handheld version, and I’m not a big handheld fan; I need to buy a console version someday), but I loved the other games. Rayman 2 is my top favorite so far. I, too, love that Rayman can do all kinds of stuff without limbs. I always thought he had some of the best design of any video game character.
      I remember either a Rayman 2 or Rayman 3 commercial. Where this dude is playing games, but he’s missing limbs, and his mom’s vacuuming, and she can walk right through where his arms should be. It was actually kinda silly and would in no way encourage me to buy a Rayman game, but I’m glad I still did.


  2. I love a good platformer as much as I love a good RPG. Having not played one for a while I picked up Rayman Origins and I was hooked. It finds a good balance between the precision platforming of the older Mario games and the speed and adrenaline of the classic Sonic titles. It reminds me of the good old days when games where hard and you had to get better to beat them. Add the fantastic art direction and catchy music and this is now one of favourite platformers. Great write up by the way!


    1. Thanks. Yeah, this was a great game. So good, in fact, I actually even liked the water levels, and I usually hate water levels. It was also nice having an actual challenge for once.


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