Top Songs from Kirby’s Return to Dream Land

Here are my top songs from “Kirby’s Return to Dream Land”.  A lot of music from “Kirby” games is cute and happy, and all of it has a distinct style.  Despite it being a cute game, there is actually a lot of good music.  (Watch out, though.  This does spoil the final boss.  Sorry.)  I included links to youtube rather than the actual videos because I don’t want loading my blog to take longer.

            10. “Rainy Area” is a nice, happy song.  I believe it’s in world 3, the ocean world.  It’s just very pleasant to listen to.  I feel quite cheery when I hear it.

            9. “Grape Garden” is a very peaceful song that plays in world 5, the cloud world.

            8. “Engine Area” is played in world 6, the machine world.  It has an odd sound, but I like it.  My favorite part is 0:47-1:09.

            7. “Dark Area” is played in the last regular level of the game and also during part of a very important cut scene near the end….  It kind of has a mysterious sound to it.

            6. “Boss Battle” is played during regular boss battles.  It goes very well with a battle.

            5. “Vs. Magolor Soul” is played during part of the final boss.  (Sorry for the spoiler.)  I especially like the beginning of the song.  The music is appropriately epic.

            4. “Machine Area” is played in world 6.  I like the sound that’s kind of in the background, especially at the beginning.  This music makes you feel like you’re somewhere rather dangerous.

            3. “Cloudy Area” is a lovely song played in cloudy parts of world 5, and it really feels like you’re up in the clouds.  I really like 0:19-0:32.

            2. “Another Dimension” is played as you head for the final battle.  I love this music.  It gives the feeling of rushing to do something important, in this case, save the world.

            1. “Castle Area” is played in world 5, and I thought it was a fun song.  Not much to say.  It’s just a nice song to listen to.

Ducky Area


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