A lovable jerk

“What?  Say something!  Am I so beautiful that you’ve no words left?”-Midna

I wanted to post an older picture I did of Midna from “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess” (property of Nintendo), and I also wanted to write a short post about her, so I’m taking this opportunity to kill two snakes with one stone (because who wants to kill birds with stones?).  There are spoilers, though.  I’ll warn you before them, if you still want to read on.

            I remember when I first saw Midna.  I was watching a trailer or something for “Twilight Princess”.  I stared in awe at the wonderful graphics.  Got a bit weirded out by the appearance of some undead ghost soldiers.  And I remember Midna.  I didn’t know who or what she was, but she looked awesome.  I loved her character design, and she just looked like she’d be an interesting character.  I was just sure that this would be a great game, and I got very excited waiting for it to arrive.

            Finally, it came out.  First on the Wii, which I didn’t have yet, then on the GameCube.  Not long later, I was playing it, and to be honest, I didn’t really thrill to the game my first time through.  Could’ve been the fact that the more realistic graphics could come off a bit creepy.  Could’ve been the boring stuff with the children near the beginning.  Could’ve just been that my expectations were too high.  But, what I did like was Midna.

            (Beginning of game slight spoilers)  The first time I saw her was early in the game.  Link’s friends are taken, he ends up in the Twilight Realm, gets turned into a wolf, and ends up in a cell in a dungeon.  And here is where Midna shows up.  She tells Link she’ll help him escape just as long as he does whatever he’s told.

            So she ends up being your sidekick (or are you hers?), similar to Navi and Tatl in earlier games, though I found her to be a much more fun character, and she was pretty mysterious, as well.  At first, all you really know is that she’s from the Twilight Realm and hides in Link’s shadow whenever he’s in the world of light.  And she wants you to find powerful weapons called the Fused Shadows for her.

            And what’s a bit ironic is that even though I liked Midna, I have to admit that she’s actually not that likable at first.  She’s not very nice and doesn’t care for other people.  Early on, you accidentally burn down someone’s storage shed, and she just pretty much says, “Well, if that’s the way the cookie crumbles”.  At first, she seems like a selfish character that cares only about herself and the Twilight Realm.  I actually didn’t fully trust her at first.  Just why exactly did she want the Fused Shadows…?

            (Spoilers!) But, nevertheless, I still grew attached to her.  She had much more of a personality than Navi (though, sometimes her giggling got almost as annoying as Navi’s, “Hey!  Listen!”) or other sidekicks, and she actually played an important role in the story.  We find out she was actually the ruler of the Twilight Realm and was overthrown by Zant and turned into an imp.  And she also has character development (few characters in the “Zelda” series do).  Midna eventually admits to Link that she used him to get the Fused Shadows to stop Zant, and she seems to actually feel bad about it.  She wanted to save the Twilight Realm and originally didn’t care what happened to the world of light, but she does start to care for Link and wants to save the light world as well as her own.

            (Ending spoiler!)  By the end of the game, Midna helps defeat Ganondorf (she actually participates in part two of the battle, though you don’t see any other part of her fight against Ganondorf because Link and Zelda are in another location), and afterward, she gets turned back into her true form, a tall human-looking woman with pale skin and bright red hair.  Then, they return to the Mirror of Twilight, the one link between the two worlds.  Using a tear, Midna shatters the mirror, and she returns to the Twilight Realm.  I assume she did this to keep the two worlds from causing each other any more trouble, though it means her and Link may never be able to meet again.

            Midna ended up being my favorite sidekick character of the series, and one of my favorite “Zelda” characters ever.  She is a complex character, and even though she starts out as a selfish jerk that uses Link for her own ends, she changes and becomes a better person.  She has a lot of personality, and she was one of the main things that got me excited about “Twilight Princess” and is one of the big things I like about the game.  And when you really think about it, who really is the main character of the game?  Link or Midna?

Edit: I’m adding a quote to the top of all my character pages.  Yep.



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