The Duck Gets in a Brawl

I was playing “Super Smash Brothers Brawl” again recently.  There wasn’t tons to do, though, because I already got almost everything.  Darn me and my amazingness.  The game was still fun, though.

            Every “Super Smash Brothers” game is better than the last.  The graphics continue to get better.  And this one has a whopping 35 playable characters, I believe.  The characters are from a bunch of different Nintendo games, and now they’ve added two from other video game developers, as well, Sonic the hedgehog and Solid Snake.  (No idea who Snake is, but he’s apparently from “Metal Gear”.  Still tells me nothing.)  One huge thing I love about the series is that you get to play as characters you don’t normally get to play as.  I’ve never gotten to play as Ganondorf or Zelda or Falco, but now I can.  It’s awesome.  Plus, playing as characters that are playable in other games is still fun, too.  Link’s my favorite.  Always has been.  Always will be.  (Unless Ghirahim from “Skyward Sword” ends up in the next “SSB”…  Then, forget you, Link.  Sorry.)

            Some of the character changes in this game made me sad, and some made me gleeful.  They replaced Young Link with Toon Link, which made me sad.  Young Link was adorable, especially when he drank his bottle of milk.  Aww.  And Pichu was cute, too, but I see why they got rid of it.  It was a weakling.  An adorable weakling.  But, they added good characters like Meta Knight and King Dedede from the “Kirby” series, so that made me gleeful.  They also added Wolf from the “Star Fox” series.  I don’t know who he is, and I don’t know why they added him when he’s the same as Fox and Falco.  His addition leaves me indifferent.  Wario’s addition makes me disturbed.  (Don’t use down B!  NOOOO!!!)

            This game also has new trophies.  New stages.  You can also collect music and stickers.  I think the stickers are a bit odd, but okay.  You can use them for upgrading characters, I think, though I don’t usually bother.  I have over 600 of them, and no way am I going through all that.  I believe I’ve gotten all the songs or all but one.  The songs then play on stages, which would be fun if they’d actually play my favorite songs.  They almost never do.  Wah.

            You can also create your own stages, but I only did it because you get something if you do.  All the stages I made are total crap.  Just awful.  And in some, characters got stuck places or couldn’t even reach each other.  I fixed it, but still.  (I think I shouldn’t go for a career in video games.)  I’ve never ever been good when games let you build or design stuff.  My gummy ships in “Kingdom Hearts” were complete crap.  My vehicles in “Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts” were complete crap.  When I painted the moogle in “Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles”, it looked like multi-colored crap.  Everything I do is crap.  Thanks for rubbing my face in it, Nintendo.  Now I feel like crap.

            Anyway, the best part about “Brawl” is that they’ve also added a story mode called Subspace Emissary, which has a decent story.  (I like that there is no dialogue at all.  The whole story is told through the characters’ actions.)  It is made up of a bunch of side scrolling levels with a nice variety of locations and a lot of different enemies to beat up or get beaten by.  Some locations are beautiful.  I spent quite a bit of time admiring the background in the forest.  So pretty.  So very pretty.

            There are also secret rooms and such throughout the levels where you can collect stickers and trophies.  My first time through I got 85%, so I guess I missed a decent amount.  I decided to play again and thought I could do better, so even once I finished, I went back to get what I missed and ended up with 100% in 14 hours and 56 minutes.  Woo!  I now found that the three characters missing from the story mode can be unlocked.  You have to find and defeat them first, though.  Jigglypuff is a beast.  It doesn’t make sense because she’s crap to play as, but as a computer controlled character, she is evil.  I hate you, you pink puff of death.  I finally beat her with Kirby, a pink puff of goodness.

            “Brawl” also includes lots of demos or whatever of old games, but you can only play for a few minutes or something.  I need to play those sometime.  I’ve mainly ignored them.  Possibly due to some subconscious fear of old games because of how utterly and completely they’ve kicked my feathery butt in the past.  (I hate the old “Donkey Kong” arcade with every atom in my body.  Old games mean pain.  And dreadful sound effects.)

            Anyway, I very much look forward to what they’ll come out with when the next game arrives.  At this rate, the next game may be almost too awesome for me to handle.  I think I’ll manage, though.

Super Smash Brothers Duck (that should be the name of the sequel)

4 thoughts on “The Duck Gets in a Brawl

  1. I should really revisit this series sometime, because I never give it much of a chance. I owned Brawl and played the original a little bit via a friend years back. I can’t really explain why they just didn’t stick. I mean, on paper, there’s no reason why I shouldn’t have l-o-v-e-d these games. They are tailored towards diehard Nintendo fans, holy moly, you got to play as Samus! But in practice, the excitement fizzled out. Super Smash Brothers Brawl sat on our shelves unplayed for months, and I felt terribly guilty when I finally traded it in. I think I was always a little confused by the premise – were these fighting games or platform games? Maybe I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that they were one in the same.


    1. I very much like these games, but at the same time, they’re mainly fun the first time you play. After an awesome month or two, when you have everything, or mostly everything, they aren’t quite as fun anymore. It’s because of the story mode that I will keep coming back to Brawl. For everything else, it’s fun for maybe a week before I get bored. (And I can’t bring myself to erase everything and start over. I worked way too hard.) I still very much look forward to the next one. There is a rumor that my favorite Zelda character ever might be playable. Everyone says it’s just a rumor, but I still have hope. If it is all fake, I will be severely disappointed at Nintendo. I may not get over it for several days.


  2. You’re right. Brawl is amazingly awesome and Jigglypuff is evil. Because as a computer, it rocks, but then you go and play as it and just fail.


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