The Octopus

Some sea stuff

I did this picture a little while ago and tried some new techniques.  I’m usually lazy with texture, so this time I added some automatic texture that Photoshop can do to the rocks, sand, starfish, sand dollar, and the green coral-y thingy.  I also tried to add texture and spots to the octopus by hand.  First, I scribbled all over the octopus with a somewhat clear brush so it would be splotchy instead of one solid color.  This gave it a wood-like texture, which obviously wasn’t right.  So I then added spots all over it and used dodge to lighten parts and burn to darken, and I got what you see here.  I tried “color holds” which I learned about in a book (to do this, you simply lock the transparent pixels so they aren’t tampered with) to quickly color outlines so I can change them into a color other than black.  I wanted to do this for everything, but it didn’t look good, but you can see it on the fluffy parts of the anemone and barnacles and on my name.  I made the lines of the jellyfish and sand lighter, too, because solid black was too dark.

            For this picture, I separated everything into a bunch of layers this time so I could mess with one thing without affecting another.  (I pretty much do this with all my pictures now.)  On the top I have a layer of clear blue to make it look more like it’s underwater.  I made it darker for farther away and lighter closer up.  The bubbles were on a separate layer so as not to mess with anything.  They were fun.  I made a clear, light blue circle, then, used burn on the bottom for shadow and a spot of dodge near the top for the light.  This picture took forever since there was so much to mess around with, and the boat took forever to draw (I hated doing the boat), but I think it looks okay.  I do hope it’s not too busy, though.  This picture is my property.



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