Top Songs from Twilight Princess

“The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess” had some good music, so I needed to make a post on my top 10 songs.  I’ve been doing a zillion of these lately.  They’re too fun.  Like usual, I included links from youtube because my heart is filled with kindness.

            Edit: I decided to update this.  I changed my mind about the songs and added “Hidden Village”, while getting rid of “City in the Sky”.

            10. “Fyrus” is the theme that plays during the second boss battle and maybe some others.  My favorite part starts at 0:35.  Around 1:10, it sounds kind of like “Ocarina of Time” boss battle music, but maybe that’s just me.

            9. “Hidden Village” is played in an abandoned village.  This song is fun and very Western sounding.  I like the guitar in it.  For some reason, I didn’t used to like this one, so it didn’t make it into my original top ten.  But, I really like it now, so I needed to fix my list.

            8. “Faron Woods” is the music that plays in the woods.  It is a rather pleasant song.

            7. “Hyrule Field at Night” is pretty, but also spooky and makes me feel alone.  I love the woman’s voice, especially when she just sings a note or two.

            6. “Palace of Twilight” is the eighth dungeon.  This is the outside theme, which I like more.

            5. “Phantom Zant” is mini boss music that played during this mini boss and several others.  The good stuff starts around 0:15.  I like this song because it has an interesting sound.

            4. “Hyrule Castle” is the theme for the last dungeon.  It makes the castle feel big and empty.  This song is a quieter, slower version of the Hyrule Castle music from “A Link to the Past”.

            3. “Sacred Grove” is “Saria’s Song” from “Ocarina of Time”, but a tiny bit different.  It’s played in a confusing area of the same name and gives a mysterious feel to the woods.

            2. “Midna’s Theme” is, of course, Midna’s theme.  It’s short, but I really like this one.

            1. “Midna’s Lament” is a pretty song that plays only once.  It makes me sad, especially when it starts raining in the game.  I love the piano.

Twilight Duck

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