Top Songs from Banjo-Tooie

Here’s my top 10 songs for “Banjo-Tooie”, sequel to “Banjo-Kazooie”.  This game has better music and is less, well, cutesy, so I think it’s better than its predecessor.  Once again, I just included my favorite versions of the songs.  And links to youtube.

            10. “Final Battle” is the theme for the final battle against Gruntilda.  Even though she is just a skeleton now, she still puts up quite a fight.  Around 1:07, they start having a few small parts with the Gruntilda’s Lair theme from “Banjo-Kazooie”.  This music fits a tough battle well.  A ridiculously tough battle.

            9. “Isle O’ Hags” is the main area you go through to get to all the worlds.  I always liked this music.  It kind of depresses me, though.  I dunno why, just does.

            8. “Cloud Cuckooland” is the theme for the eighth world.  This place is really odd and includes such things as a castle made of jell-o and a giant wedge of smelly cheese.  Weirdest of all are the flat things that pop out of the ground with cash register ka-ching sounds that attack with sausages and flowers and stuff.  The music is odd, too, which makes it fun.

            7. “Glitter Gulch Mine” is the theme to the second world, complete with enemies that jump out of the ground and say, “Yee haw!”  I can play a good chunk of this on my guitar.  I always thought this was a fun song.  But, where the darn is that donkey?  Why is a donkey down in a mine?  How’d it even climb down the rope?

            6. “Spiral Mountain” has a sadder version of its theme in this game than it did in “Banjo-Kazooie”, and I like it better.  The other version was too happy.

            5. “Hailfire Peaks (Fire)” is the theme for the fire side of the seventh world.  There is an ice side, too.  I like this theme a lot.  I think the music fits this place well, and it even includes the sound of bubbling lava.

            4. “Credits” has a version of the “Banjo-Kazooie” theme.  (A different version of this also ended up in my “Banjo-Kazooie” top 10.  Because it’s that good.)

            3. “Mayahem Temple” is the first world, and I think it has pretty fun music.  I like the beginning with the bird noises and the voice (which sounds strangely like Mumbo…).  I don’t know what the sound at 0:50 is.  Perhaps the squeal of someone getting shot by one of those dart-shooting statues.

            2. “Jolly Roger’s Lagoon” is the theme for the fourth world.  I always liked this music very much.  It’s a very pleasant song.

            1. “Grunty Industries”, the sixth world, has the best music.  I love this.  I spent so much time here just listening to the music.  Factories always seem to have the best music, for some reason.  My favorite part is 1:21-1:55.


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