Kazooie, bird with attitude

This is a picture I did of Kazooie from the “Banjo-Kazooie” series.  She is a saucy breegull that rides around in her bear friend Banjo’s backpack.  If you stand still long enough in the game, she’ll peck his head, and once she does it enough, Banjo will grab her neck and pull on her.  This only deters her for a short time, though.  Anyway, I thought this picture was decent, especially considering beaks are really hard for me to draw.  And I thought her coloring looked nice.  Kazooie is property of Rareware, who used to be awesome.

A Breeduck


4 thoughts on “Kazooie

    1. She may as well team up with them, now that she doesn’t have much of a role in the new games anymore. At the very least, cats and coyotes will run the risk of being taunted mercilessly by Kazooie.


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