The Time I Hid From Some Thugs

Yet another exciting adventure I had in my sleep.  This one took place the night of 12/26/11.  It started off with someone telling me that I had a half hour to go ten miles.  I was supposed to walk the first mile, then, drive back in a truck the last nine miles (which really makes no sense, when you think about it).  I started off, completely doubting that I’d even be able to go the first mile within a half hour, considering just one mile in PE class had me gasping for breath (while another kid spewed, but that’s off topic).  So I walked off through something like a mountain pass, then I decided to fly past this town.  Somehow, I was able to jump pretty high, then, I would glide along.  I went much faster in the air than I did on foot.

            Then, I was out in the desert, my ten mile challenge apparently forgotten.  I found this town, and at this part of the dream, there were several characters from “Final Fantasy VII”.  I was Tifa, I found Aerith, and we were waiting for Zack.  He showed up later.  Then, I decided to explore the town.  It was a pleasant, quiet place.  Dirt roads, trees.  There were two paths leading off one way, parallel to each other.  Down one, there was a dead end.  Here, children were playing with these creatures called Movers, which were these groups of bouncing balls that caused me much trouble in “FFVII: Crisis Core”.  They didn’t mind the children, but one started to chase me, so I ran.

            Then, I went to check out the other path, and here is where things got exciting.  There was a shady alley between two buildings, and for whatever reason, you were supposed to go through in a taxi owned by these thugs (who later turned out to be the thugs from the second “Ratchet and Clank” game, who were part of Thugs-4-Less).  If you didn’t ride their stupid taxi, they would shoot you.  Very odd.  But, I decided to ride through the alley in a bus, so the thugs opened fire.  At this point, I was Ratchet from the game I just mentioned, and I got out of the bus and ran into this old abandoned building.

            It was a bit dark in here.  There was a hallway that went down the right side, with rooms to the left.  I went into a room and hid behind an armchair.  The thugs came in, and I stayed very still and tried to stay quiet.  I likely had a gun ready.  Then, I think lights were on, and some woman sat in the armchair next to me and saw me, and yet she thought I was fake and didn’t raise the alarm.  Lucky me.  So the thugs started to leave, and I decided to make a run for it.  I ran down the hallway onto the roof somehow (even though we were on the ground level), which was kind of a courtyard.  Here I found a giant yellow Precursor Orb (from the “Jak and Daxter” series).  It may have been something I was looking for, as I remembered hearing of something on the roof of a building that I needed.

            So that was my adventure.  I don’t remember if the thugs returned or not.  It was a very strange dream, and I apparently really had video games on my mind, I guess.  I hope you thought it was as funny as I did.



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