Top Songs from Skyward Sword

I recently played “The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword”.  It was a great game, made even better by great music, which I heard is fully orchestrated.  This game had so many good songs, it was really hard narrowing it down to just 10.  But, this is what I came up with.  I provided links to youtube so you can easily listen to them.  (Some songs have different versions, but I just chose my favorite.)

            10. “Lanayru Sand Sea (Past)” is a pretty song and makes me feel sad.  This place was once an ocean long ago, but is now covered in sand, and the music fits such a sad, desolate place well.

            9. “Ballad of the Goddess” is heard in different parts of the game and is one of the main ones I find myself humming, so it needed a spot in the top 10.  It’s a good song and makes the game feel epic.  It is actually “Zelda’s Lullaby” played backwards.

            8. “Lanayru Desert (past)” is played in the desert, as you would expect.  This is one of my favorite non-dungeon areas of the game.

            7. “Lanayru Mining Facility (past)” is played in the dungeon of the same name.  I thought this song had an interesting sound, so I like it a lot.

            6. “Earth Temple” is played, well, in the Earth Temple.  I like the music here.  It’s fun.  But I despise this dungeon.  Darn you, lava and lizalfos!  I hate you both!  I’m sure Link hates it, too.

            5. “Koloktos/Moldarach” is the music that plays during the battle of those two bosses.  I think it fits boss battles well, especially when fighting Koloktos.

            4. “Scaldera/Tentalus” is the boss battle music for those two boss battles.  It has a good beat.  I think I like it better than the above boss battle theme because it is simpler.

            3. “Mini Boss Battle” is just what I’m calling my favorite miniboss theme.  I just chose the video for the “Stalfos” theme because there’s several videos of the same song.  The best part starts at 0:55.  This is one of the first songs I knew would be in my top 10.  It fits a battle very well.

            2. “Fi’s Farewell” is a beautiful song and my favorite version of Fi’s theme, the character that helps Link and is the personification of the Master Sword.  It definitely deserves spot number 2.  It makes me sad.  It is played near the beginning and the end, so when I heard it at the end, it reminded me of the beginning, back when I had the whole game ahead of me, and it made me sad.  I especially like it around 0:39.

            1. “Battle Ghirahim” is my favorite song.  I love this one.  I keep listening to it over and over.  As you’d expect, it plays when you fight Ghirahim (battle 1 and 2; battle 3 is a little different) and is a variation of his theme.  It is definitely the best.  I love those high notes at the beginning, and I love that there’s so much going on, and it’s so dramatic.  This music fits Ghirahim perfectly, I think.  (I bet it would make his “heart fill with rainbows” if he heard it.)

Ballad of the Duck (which involves a lot of lovely quacking)


2 thoughts on “Top Songs from Skyward Sword

  1. Definitely a great soundtrack. It fit the game well and contained some memorable melodies. I have been playing the orchestral CD a lot and “Ballad of the Goddess” is a fantastic track.


    1. The music is certainly good in this game. As I play Twilight Princess, I’m trying to find songs to go on my top 10 for that game, and I can’t find anything too great yet. After playing Skyward Sword, the music in many other games doesn’t seem so exciting anymore.


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