Draft 2 of My Artist Comic is Done

I recently finished draft 2 of the script for that artist-y, black and white comic I was working on.  It was pretty easy.  I pretty much rewrote it issue by issue and didn’t really need to add extra scenes.  Wherever things were boring, I found ways to make it much more interesting.  I also made changes to make things seem a lot more urgent.  In much of my stories, there doesn’t seem to be any real need to hurry.  Now there kind of is.  Now it is more possible for the main characters to fail.  I also tried to make sure things made more sense.

            I am much happier with my story now.  Issue 2 is pretty good, issue 3 and 4 are all right.  Issue 5 is better, and I fixed the ending a little.  Issue 1 still needs extra work.  But, we’re getting there.  With a bit more changes, it’ll be on the same level as the other issues.  This comic is going to be much easier than my June comic.  The story is much simpler.

            So anyway, this draft took me 28 days, from 1/3/12 to 1/30/12.  (Draft 1 took 84 days.  I was pretty fast this time.)  I’m going to get to draft 3 no earlier than 3/12/12.  When I get to draft 3, I need to redo parts that are still boring.  Issue 1 must have a lot of changes.  Other than that, it might be nearly perfect by the end of draft 3.  I may even finish this one before my June comic, even though I started it later.  I look forward to this one very much.  I think it will be a pretty good comic after all.

The Duck is Double Drafty

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