The personification of the Icy Hot Patch

Here’s an older picture I did of Twinrova from “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time” (property of Nintendo).  She starts off as two twin witches, Koume and Kotake (one controls fire and one controls ice), and then they both turn into this form, Twinrova.  Anyway, I’m not proud of how she looks in the picture, but I do quite like the fire and ice.  I think the fire looks nice and bright, and the ice looks rather icy.  I probably should’ve done better with the lighting.  I may want to draw her over again someday.  Certain characters are fun to draw.  (I think my caption is rather funny….)

Hot and Cold Duck


6 thoughts on “Twinrova

  1. What kind of champagne do penguins drink? Cold Duck of course. It is hard to do but make part of the ice seem translucent also use splashes of clear gaze which makes ice and water look wet against flat paint surroundings.


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