Weeding Can Be Misleading

You can't resist the madness!

This is a little comic I made for a game called “Animal Crossing”.  And to let you understand this comic, here’s a little scenario that I suspect is a common problem among Animal Crossers (that is a phrase I just invented).  Imagine that you’re going to the store, let’s say.  But, then there’s a weed, and you just must pick it.  It’s ruining your lovely town.  You can’t just pass it.  No, there’s an unstoppable urge to grab it.  You can’t resist.  But, you wanna go to the store.  Too bad!  So you give in, and you pick that weed.  Now that’s done, so we can now…No.  Another weed.  So you must pick that one, too.  But, it’s not enough!  There’s another weed!  You just keep finding more and more until you’re led all around town like a cat following a trail of cheese!  What, of course cats like cheese!  And you are so behind schedule, it’s not even fun anymore, but this driving force inside you will not let you walk by without picking that weed!  This has happened to me many a time.  And it could happen to you, too, if you aren’t careful.  And obsessive.  (The character and the plant designs and stuff are based off of “Animal Crossing” and so are property of Nintendo.)

Duck Crossing


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