The Time a Goblin Got in My House

The night of 12/13, I awoke to this horrible scratching noise.  It sounded like it went down the hallway past my bedroom.  It scared me and made me think someone was inside.  Also outside, I could hear my cat Arwen meowing and scratching on the door to be let in.  This is a normal thing for her to do, but then she stopped, and I was terrified that whatever came down the hallway had gotten her.  I lay frozen in my bed for quite a while.  I thought that, perhaps when I had woken up, Arwen’s scratching had sounded different to me and nothing really did go down the hallway.  But, it sounded so real, so I wasn’t entirely convinced.  So I lay still and was too afraid to lock the door, lest the intruder heard me.  After all, they had spared my room so far, so let’s keep it that way.  The next morning, I saw that Arwen was alive and well, nothing was stolen, nothing was out of the ordinary.  Perhaps it was just my imagination.

            But, the situation wasn’t over in my mind apparently because the next night I had a strange dream.  It was night, and in my living room was a glass door leading outside (that is not there in real life, but the rest of the place was pretty accurate).  Something was tapping on the door, and I was afraid it would get in.  Then, I was in the hallway by the bedrooms, the same hallway where the scratching from the night before was.  Suddenly, two shapes ran at me in the dark.  One of my cats and the shape of a short, stocky person, whom I immediately thought was a goblin, for lack of any better explanation.  They ran past me, and I stood there, wondering if it really was just perhaps my two cats running by, and I just imagined the humanoid shape.  I wasn’t certain, though, and I was not about to go back to sleep and have the thing murder me.

            So I started searching for it.  I didn’t know which room it ran into.  Like other dreams in the past, I had trouble with the lights, though.  They were either too dim or took a while to come on, so I had trouble doing a thorough investigation.  I went around using my cell phone as sort of a flashlight while wondering if having a goblin loose in your house was a good reason to call the police.  So I searched in my room and the closet in the dark, not being very sure if it was indeed there and I just didn’t see it.  The lights worked better in the next room, which was a mess.  Perhaps the goblin was here.  I checked in part of the closet, but I didn’t look in very much.  I didn’t want to open the door farther and see it, so I closed the door and started to put things in front of it so it couldn’t open.  I tried leaning something under the doorknob, but it wasn’t quite high enough, so I put things in front of that so if the door started to open, the object couldn’t slide too far.

            Still, I wasn’t certain where the beast was, and it was a big relief when I woke up.  Now that I’m thinking clearly, I would’ve closed every door, barricaded them, and stayed out in the living room with the lights on.  And perhaps would’ve tried to explain the situation to the police.  If they had believed me.  Perhaps I shouldn’t use the word “goblin”.

            Anyway, I had two freaky nights, and I was still a bit scared during the day, in case the scratcher and the goblin had been real.  Considering I’m still alive, I think all is well.

A Terrorized Duck


7 thoughts on “The Time a Goblin Got in My House

  1. Oh no! I don’t like that the Duck is terrorized. I’m glad all worked out OK. I have heard those sounds as well Duck and they’ve made me turn on my bedroom light, pull the covers over my head and pray for daylight.


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