A Memory in the Church

Aerith still enjoys her flowers

In “Final Fantasy VII”, Aerith tends flowers growing in the Sector 5 church in the slums. Later in the game, you may be able to see her ghost there, taking care of the flowers as she did when she was alive. I didn’t get to see it, even though I checked the church several times, but I saw it on youtube. (I guess it’s random or something.) It made me very sad because it was like she was alive again. She didn’t look like a ghost. She’s just there, taking care of the flowers, and then she’s gone. So I recently drew her in the church with her flowers. I didn’t draw her ghostly, as she didn’t appear that way in the game. But, perhaps you notice she doesn’t cast shadows on anything but herself, and the light doesn’t touch her because she’s not really there. (I thought I’d mention that the light’s shining through a hole in the roof, in case it seemed out of place.)

            I wish the background had been better, but this is what I was able to do. I made the back wall a bit blurry because it’s farther away. I also added texture to the wood (I used something called underpainting), and I drew every flower and flower stem separately. The stems were drawn like hair, with dodge and burn for shadows and for lighter areas. There is a front layer and a back one. I know the area with the flowers is supposed to be bigger, but I’m leaving it as it is. It’s not a great picture, but I think Aerith looks good, and I like how it really looks like she’s sitting in the flowers. And Aerith and the church are property of Squaresoft/Square Enix.

The Duck’s Tired of Flowers


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