Crisis Averted

I recently beat “Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core”.  This game tells the story of SOLDIER member Zack.  Zack was seen a tiny bit in the original “Final Fantasy VII” and was Cloud’s friend.  The main villain of this game is Genesis, a 1st class SOLDIER member that left Shinra.  We find that Genesis was created as a result of Project G, but is degrading and trying to find a cure.  I’m not sure why attacking Shinra really helps him at all in this, but okay then.  This game also lets you see what Sephiroth was like before he turned evil, plus Cloud and Aerith are in it, as well.  (I got this game for 10 cents at the game store due to a coupon and store credit.  It was awesome.)

            This game ended up being a lot of fun and was my favorite game on the PlayStation Portable.  The story was fairly interesting, and the game became more fun once you got further into it.  My favorite parts were those that related to the original game, the events that happened in Nibelheim five years before “Final Fantasy VII”.  The ending was really sad, even though I knew what would happen.  In “Final Fantasy VII”, you see that Zack dies, and that is how this game ends.  Very depressing.

            Anyway, the gameplay was a lot of fun in this game.  It is played in real-time rather than being turn-based and has something new called the DMW.  In the upper left corner of the screen, when you fight, three pictures of characters are scrolling, and if they line up with three matching pictures, you get a limit break (an extra strong attack) that corresponds to that character.  For example, with Aerith, Zack gets healed, and with Cloud, Zack uses Meteor Shots.  Sometimes you might also get summons. Phoenixis the best because it hurts the enemies and gives you a Phoenix Down, which brings you back to life if you die.  Sometimes, you can summon things like Cactuars, Tonberries, or Cait Sith.  These all have silly little cut scenes associated with them.  The Cactuar one is the funniest.  Zack does this weird little dance with the Cactuar.  It’s hilarious.  Only Zack can get away with such goofiness.

            What I don’t like about the gameplay is that the DMW is random.  Sometimes you don’t get limit breaks for a while.  Also, you need three 7’s to line up to level up.  Sometimes you can level up a lot, sometimes rarely.  I don’t like not having any control over these things.

            The game also has lots of extras.  There are 300 extra missions.  But, they are all pretty similar, so it can get pretty boring.  I still tried to finish them anyway, and I got to 68%, but then I found that I couldn’t do about 16 missions because you can only do them earlier in the game, so I gave up.  I want to get 100%, not 94 and 2/3%.  That would be lame.

            I thought I’d mention that Yuffie shows up a tiny bit in this game and Vincent kind of does, too.  Yuffie is seen trying to pick a fight with Zack early on in the game, even though she’s probably about 10 years old.  Little monster.  And she shows up in some extra missions, too.  And cries several times like the brat she is.  And Zack finds Vincent fast asleep in a coffin in the basement of Shinra Manor (once again, I feel the need to tell you that he’s not a vampire!).  But, he decided to leave Vincent alone.  I don’t blame him.  If I found a guy sleeping in a coffin, I likely would have left them alone, too.  Who knows what kind of weirdo they might be.

            Also must mention that the Tonberries in this game are creepy like usual.  And now they bark.  Evil beasts.  I hate Tonberries.

            Now, I know I analyze things too much, but what is with all these characters with one wing?  Originally, Sephiroth was the one-winged angel, but now more characters are sprouting a single wing.  Everybody has one wing nowadays.  It’s not unique anymore.  Thanks for ruining the one-winged angel thing, Square Enix.  And I doubt you can even fly with one wing anyway.  Honestly.

            Anyway, this is a good game.  It’s a lot of fun, has a lot of extras (even if they are all pretty redundant) and tells you what happened before “Final Fantasy VII”.  The ending depressed me, but strangely, I like games that depress me.  Is that weird?

1st Class DUCK


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