Super Paper Everyone

Behold it in all its epic glory! Now in 2-D!

This is one of my favorite fan art pictures, done in March of 2009.  Property of Nintendo and Intelligent Systems, “Super Paper Mario” is one of my favorite games, so it needed my most giant picture to date.  I believe there are 49 characters here, a square number, which works out, since many of the characters are made up of simple shapes.  Only a couple of characters are missing, mainly the three hags, Hagitha, Hagnes, and I forgot the third.  But, I got most of them.  Oh, and Count Bleck, the dude with the white top hat, is my favorite, by the way.  “Bleh heh heh!  Bleck!”  Anyway, this was my last picture drawn (and inked) on paper.  I got my tablet shortly after I started coloring it, so most of it was colored by tablet.  This picture was a lot of fun.  I loved working on it.  The Void thing was lots of fun to do.  I used dodge and burn to make it look…void-y.  And even though it was done a while ago, I think I did a pretty good job.  Most characters were simple, but still.

Super Paper Duck


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