Wouldn’t It Be Weird If

Wouldn’t it be weird if our pets were really just elaborate sock puppets?  I think so.  What we think is a delightful creature that enjoys our companionship is really just a puppet controlled by who knows what.  Perhaps some magical being that likes to mess with us.  An alien or magic gnome or even a malevolent unicorn with thumbs.  It may take a bit of explaining to understand the eating and the drinking and the presents our pets leave us, though, but perhaps it’s all a part of the puppet master’s bizarre scheme for world domination.  We may never know.

            On a similar note, would it not be strange if whenever we fell asleep, someone marched us about like a marionette?  Perhaps the same people who control our sock puppet pets.  Making us waltz about like fools for their own amusement, only to be returned to our cozy little beds none the wiser.  You may laugh, but how can you prove it hasn’t happened to you?  How can you, indeed?

The Duck Who May Be an Unwilling Puppet

4 thoughts on “Wouldn’t It Be Weird If

    1. Maybe the purple monster is the one making us into puppets. My bed has lots of things under it, so no monsters can fit in there. But, there may be something living in the closet. I don’t look behind the clothes….


  1. So that’s why I wake up tired.
    On the other hand, I should really be a better dancer by now.

    And another thing…
    Happy Christmas and a mellow new year to you and yours.


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