Dancing Girl

First Photoshop picture ever

My art pages don’t get a lot of attention, and I would like to know what everyone thinks of each picture, so I’m going to start transferring pictures over from the pages into posts.  I’m planning on getting rid of the Fan Art, Old Art, Original Art, and Mini Comics pages this way.  I’ll leave the Comic Characters alone for now.  I also decided to fix my About page.

            So what better way to start than to post my first official picture ever.  It was done towards the end of October of 2008.  I drew it on paper, and then colored it in Photoshop.  I went crazy with Photoshop’s grass and leaf brushes, as you can see.  It’s not good, but hey, that was years ago.  I’m really glad I improved a lot since then.  My drawing is much better now and so are my proportions.  Plus, my coloring is a lot smoother.  I used to color with hard brushes rather than soft, so that’s why the colors didn’t blend smoothly.  And this is my property, by the way.

A Much Improved Duck


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