I once met this adorable pigeon.  I was at the zoo in the area where people get food, and while I was feeding the birds, this pigeon limped up.  He (or she) was missing a foot and one toe on another foot.  At one point, he even stepped on this metal thing and slipped.  Immediately, I felt much love and sympathy for this pigeon and named him Nubs because of his nub leg.  And what a fantastic pigeon he was.  He would walk up to me and look up, as if expecting a snack (but not in an obnoxious way), and he would also walk right around my feet.  He didn’t seem afraid at all.

            I returned to the zoo many times, and Nubs kept showing up.  We had good times together.  He enjoyed my offerings of fries and hotdog buns, and I enjoyed his sweet personality.  They even started putting up signs to tell us to stop feeding the animals, but I persisted in my law breaking.  Nubs and I had a bond, and no sign was going to stop that.

            But, then Nubs stopped showing up.  I waited and waited.  I returned many times.  I asked the other pigeons if they had seen him, but they wouldn’t answer.  I worried that the truth was too sad, and they simply couldn’t tell me for fear of bursting into mad, uncontrolled weeping.  I never saw Nubs again.  I hope he is okay.  Wherever he is, I hope he remembers me.  Maybe someday, we shall meet again.

A Mourning Duck


12 thoughts on “Nubs

  1. A lot of birds have feet affected by disease or injury, but with pigeons – particularly city ones – it’s often due to their claws getting caught up in thread which tightens and cripples them. It’s horrible but is usually due to humans not thinking of the other creatures they (we) share the planet with and making allowances for them.

    Most pigeons who are used to people, work out ways to get fed by them! I remember city pigeons in Trafalgar Square in London, before they were ‘banned’ from there, always managed to get fed!


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