Egregious Things Part 2

There are still so many more dreadful things to talk about, so I had to make a sequel to my Egregious Things post.  Be prepared for more badness as I examine the sad state of the world.

            One scourge to humanity is badly written origami rules.  Anyone who’s tried origami knows what I mean.  I’m not talking about the times when I’m simply not skilled enough to do it right.  No, there are many times when I can’t make the darn cat or snail or whatever because the directions make no sense.  You try several variations of what “fold” can possibly mean, and it never turns into the thing in the picture.  Sometimes, I just have to crush the paper vaguely into the shape shown and move on.

            I also don’t like when restaurants put gravy right on the food instead of on the side.  How presumptuous!  Not everyone loves gravy!  Can’t I have my mashed taters or chicken fried chicken without them being drowned in sauce?  Why does society force its sauces on me!  I won’t give into you, society!

            And why do almost all my favorite characters die?  Do I put a curse on them?  Vincent from “Final Fantasy VII” is one of my only favorite characters that managed to survive my curse.  Though, lots of bad stuff happened to him.  I’m sorry, Vincent, I may be to blame!  Can my curse spread to real people, too?  …Is that why I never heard from some of my past friends again?

            I also hate nosebleeds.  They just come out of nowhere every once in a while, and you have to stop what you’re doing and cater to your darn nose’s every need.  Sometimes it just bleeds and bleeds, and then it starts to get better, and then it gets worse again, and you start to feel that there is no hope of this nose creek ever stopping, and you will be forced to use a mini chip clip to hold the tissue on your nose and look like a freak.  People will point and laugh.  You will be sneered at by society.  You will lose your job, and then your house, and then you’ll be wandering the streets homeless all because of your darn nose bleed.  It’s a very real possibility.

            Badly timed traffic lights is another atrocious thing.  I hate when you’re at a red light, but no cars are coming.  I could crawl across the street on my stomach and make it across alive if I chose to.  Then, just as cars start coming, it changes to red for them and green for you.  And sometimes it’s red for everyone!  Is someone playing a joke on us?

            And this is really bad.  When people don’t flush the toilet in public bathrooms.  Are you kidding me?  And it’s even adults that don’t flush!  You want everyone to see what you did?  I don’t.  I don’t understand it at all.  Do they do that at home?

A Repulsed Duck


11 thoughts on “Egregious Things Part 2

  1. My thing that enrages me is when the cashier puts the change in your hand with the bills first , then the coins, then the receipt and all the coins go all over the place when you try to move them to your other hand to fold the bills and receipt. . Always. And you can never be quick enough to get your other hand out for the coins. They all do it. I think they have a mess up the customer school as part of training


    1. I know what you mean. Yes, they must be taught to do that. Just like whenever I go in the Office Max, the employees practically chase me around to see if I need anything. Sometimes, I want to just start running and see if they can catch up. There must be classes on how to bother the customers.


    1. I’ve never been a fan of most sauces, not gravy or anything. I even eat spaghetti without the sauce. Going to restuarants is rough for those who aren’t fans of sauces. Sauces at Asian restaurants are good, though. Yum, teriyaki.


  2. …and all that because of a nosebleed? Gosh! And what, gravy on the mashed taters? You sock it to ’em, Duck! Now if only I could shop in peace without the ‘buzz’ of sales people breathing down my neck with ‘Can I help you?’ … 😡

    A good read! 🙂


    1. Yes, nosebleeds can cause all kinds of trouble. I don’t like sales people bothering me, either. I think I’m capable of finding printer paper myself, thank you very much.
      And thanks much for liking this post.


  3. When I was at school, on the happy occasions when the hot school dinner included chips, the malevolent dinner ladies would plonk beetroot on top – dousing and staining them. Rotters.


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