FFVII Top 10 Songs

“Final Fantasy VII” has some awesome music, so I decided to tell you guys my top 10 favorite.  If you want to listen to them, I provided links to dear youtube.  I think you’ll like them.

            10. “Aerith’s Theme” (in the game, her name was Aeris, but I think Aerith is her official name).  It’s a pretty song.

            9. “Fighting” is the song you hear a lot because it’s during normal fights.  If you play the game, you better like it because you’ll be spending A LOT of time listening to it.  Also, it is one of the first songs I heard, so it gives me special memories.

            8. I also like “Valley of the Fallen Star”, the theme of Cosmo Canyon and Red XIII.  I hum this one often.  It’s very pretty.  And has a good beat.

            7. “Attack of the Weapon” is also a good song.

            6. “Fight on!” is the boss battle music used most.  It goes really well with the fight.  It makes you want to kick butt.  And so I did.  My favorite part’s at 1:03.

            5. “J-E-N-O-V-A” is another good song.  Sometimes used as boss battle music or just in regular battles.  Also epic.

            4. Another is “Birth of a God”, the theme of Bizarro Sephiroth (yes, that’s right), final boss part 2.  I kind of like this song.  It fits the boss really well.  I like the part at 0:53 a lot.  And I love how it ties in another song you hear in other parts of the game relating to Sephiroth at 1:25.  Genius.

            3. “The Nightmare Begins” is a lovely song and the theme of Vincent.  It’s kind of sad.  I heard it’s played with a harpsichord.

            2. “Bombing Mission” (or “Opening Theme, Bombing Mission”, which takes a little bit of time to get to the good part) is an awesome song.  It’s played during the first boss and some other parts.  I heard it the first day I played the game.  I loved it.  It’s pretty good, with a lot to it.  The good stuff starts around 1:13.

            1. And last but not least, if you listen to just one, listen to the well-known “One-Winged Angel”, Sephiroth’s theme and the music I got to enjoy while watching that long Super Nova attack (which I ranted about in my previous post).  It is really amazing, very complex.  The words are sung in Latin.  There is a newer version in the movie, “Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children”, but this is very good, too.  I think it’s especially good at 1:10 and 3:38.

Two-Winged Duck


9 thoughts on “FFVII Top 10 Songs

  1. Sign of the times – top ten game tunes. Sheesh – these games – they’re displacing cinema, literature, television and now the music charts/radio.


    1. People underestimate video games, but some are pretty amazing. It’s only a matter of time before they take over the world. No other form of entertainment will be able to compete. What a glorious day that will be.
      And thanks for liking this post.


    1. I’m glad you liked them. Video games, in my opinion, have some of the best music out there. They can make you feel certain things, and listening to these makes me feel like I’m playing the game again. Good times.


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