The Witch of Nest Hill

I decided a good idea for a Halloween post was a true story my mom told me.  She typed it up and here it is:

The Witch of Nest Hill

            Growing up, we had a heavily forested area near our home called “Nest Hill.”  It was a lot of fun to play there.  One day, my sister, her friend, and I decided to walk up to Nest Hill and play hide and seek.  Nest Hill was fun, but also kind of scary, dark, and creepy.  Since I was the youngest, they decided that I should be “It.”  So I covered my eyes and started to count to twenty as they ran off and hid.  As I got to twenty I started to look around.  I was on the top of the hill, so I decided to start walking down.  As I did, I noticed something or someone crouching down.  In my child like mind, I assumed it was a Witch.  I ran screaming and saying, “I saw a Witch, I saw a Witch.”  As I ran, I ran right into my sister and her friend’s hiding spot.  Since I found them fairly quickly, they felt I must have cheated and told me so.  I was so scared that I let their insults roll of my back as I repeated, “I saw a Witch, I saw a Witch.”  We all decided to walk back up the hill.  As we got closer and closer to where the Witch was, we got more and more frightened.  I remember at that point I closed my eyes for a time and just ran.  As I opened them, we were past where the Witch was and almost out of Nest Hill.  When we emerged from Nest Hill, it was again sunny and bright.  As all three of us ran out screaming, it naturally brought out an adult who was concerned.  We told her that I saw a Witch.  She was the grandma of the neighborhood, and she just smiled politely and said, “Of course you did, now go home.”  We figured the whole thing was over when that evening at dusk some police officers knocked on our door.  They said that a neighbor that lived near Nest Hill heard our story and was concerned.  The police questioned us children.  They then asked my parents and some other parents to show them Nest Hill.  I remember being frightened, and I hid under the kitchen table as they closed the door to leave to look for the Witch that I had seen.  They came back about twenty minutes later, and the police said there was indeed somebody living in Nest Hill and that us children should not go in their anymore.  We never did find out who, or what, it was!

            And thus ends the story and returns the duck.  That is one of my favorite stories that my mom has told me.

Witch Duck is This?


4 thoughts on “The Witch of Nest Hill

  1. Eerie and intriguing. Wonder what it was. Possibly some poor bloke having a kip. Or a dead body? Victim or predator?
    I used to dice with danger with a group of friends in the grounds of a wooded estate near where we lived. We had to get over a wall or through a fence – then cross a stream by a rotten two plank bridge. There we lingered in fear of Big Jack and his shotgun. Apparently he wore a blue jumper – so any flash of blue and we were off. Did he exist? Dunno. Though I remember the bridge collapsing under me and anxious moments trying to free my leg.


    1. Spooky. Forests seem to be a common place for creepy things to happen. I went in the woods with a friend once as a duckling, and we started hearing people talking out in the distance and got out of there. There was also this chain link fence that, in my imagination, seemed to go on forever into the woods. That scared me, too, somehow.


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