My Immoral Cat

My cat, Arwen, likes to take things.  I can only assume that either she’s a thief or is redecorating and thinks the stolen object looks much nicer where she put it.  She loves to steal this weird brush the most.  I don’t even know what the brush is or what it’s even doing here, but she likes it.  Many times I come home to find it in the entryway.  There have been times she’s left it outside rooms I’m in, too.  In somewhere else I lived, she would grab the brush, which was downstairs, and she would start crying and crying.  And then you would hear it clanking up the stairs as she dragged it along, and then when her long climb was over, she’d leave it there.

            She also steals guitar-cleaning rags.  That also often gets brought to the entryway.  Sometimes, I hear her crying, and then she appears from the hallway with it in her mouth.  Once, she kept stepping on it as she carried it and kept tripping.

            She also used to grab this little troll I have by the hair and leave it places.  She also used to love stealing this very simple, small stuffed cat.  She wouldn’t stop taking it, so I had to put it somewhere where she couldn’t get it.  She left fang marks in the poor thing.  The most annoying and baffling thing she took was my PlayStation Portable.  I kept it in the small bag it came in, on a low shelf on the bookcase where, if it fell, it would stand a chance at survival.  One day, I come home, and my expensive PSP is in the entryway.  I was quite annoyed.  I checked it out, and it was undamaged and worked fine, to my relief.  But, I put it in the closet where she couldn’t get to it again.  It is funny that she must have carried it, not dragged it, through the hallway and set it down gently.  I’m really glad she didn’t have to carry it along stairs, though.  That could have ended badly.

The Duck with a Thieving Cat


8 thoughts on “My Immoral Cat

  1. My cat has never “taken” anything other than a ponytail holder. She loves those things the way I love lip gloss. Smart cat I guess :).


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