The Duck Tries Realism Again

Isn't he pretty?

Hey, this is post #100, and it is a very special post indeed!

            After beating the story part of “Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus”, I decided to watch “Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children” again to see if it made any more sense.  (At the time, I hadn’t played the original “Final Fantasy VII”, so some things were quite confusing.)  It did make more sense, actually, but that’s not the point of this post.  Every time I see that movie, I am in such awe of the graphics.  They are the most amazing, beautiful graphics I’ve ever seen.  The characters look nearly real; you can see every strand of hair, the threads in their clothes.  It needs to be seen to fully understand.

            So after watching this most amazing movie once again, I was very inspired to try and color something in the most realistic way possible.  Since I’ve been playing “Dirge of Cerberus”, I decided to practice drawing the main character, Vincent.  So with this project, I am trying to learn how to draw human faces more realistically.  I’m finally drawing pretty well-shaped eyes, and I’ve made improvements to the nose.  Lips are a bit annoying, especially on guys, but I think they turned out pretty good.  I tried to give him a more realistic skin color, as well, and I tried to do better coloring on the eyes, too.  I even did eyelashes.  They were hard at first because I made them too long, but they’re fine now.  His top eyelashes look the best, but you can’t see most of them.  I am pretty proud of the folds in his clothes, and I think the hair looks good, too.  So I didn’t mess things up, I did most of the shadows on a separate layer.  This picture used lots of layers.  Even his top lip and bottom lip are on separate layers.  His eyes are distributed on five layers.           

4 Steps to Awesome

            Anyway, this is my second picture where I tried to make it look good without lines.  My first attempt is here.  I really improved, haven’t I?  Anyway, I decided to include the picture of him finished without lines as well as a picture kind of showing the process I went through.  At first, I drew everything, even stuff you wouldn’t see.  I think I made his chin a bit big.  Oh well.  Then, I cleaned up the lines, and then I colored him.  (The way I colored him, I had to add more buckles on his clothes to make it look better.)  Anyway, when I was doing the coloring, I would fill in a space with a solid color, then, when it was the right shape and the edges were smooth, I’d lock the transparent pixels.  That allows me to color as sloppy as I want, and I will only color the shape I made, which keeps the edges smooth.  I used the cover and manual of “Dirge of Cerberus” as a reference, which works out, considering the cover shows Vincent at the same angle as in my picture.  Once I finished coloring him, I had to readjust the lines because I wanted a version of him with lines and without.  The one with lines is on the left and the one without is on the right.  So what do you think?

            This is my greatest masterpiece yet.  I had a lot of fun working on this one.  I wasn’t able to add texture to his skin or clothes, and it is nothing compared to “Advent Children”, but I think I did okay anyway.

The Duck with New and Improved Skills


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