Big Toe and Flying Stuff

I’ve never gotten to see a Big Foot.  Or a UFO.  (Or an abdominal snowman, whatever that is.  Hmm.  Did I hear that wrong?)  Or anything like that.  It probably has to do with the fact that I never go outside any more than necessary, but it is still disappointing.  Not that I really believe in those things anyway, but it would be neat to see something mysterious like that.  My parents, however, did have a few encounters themselves.

            My dad once was hiking and thought he saw a Big Foot.  He said, “I was walking around Andrews Lake in Colorado.  As I walked along the south shore of the lake with my camera and tripod, I looked at the north east shore and noticed a furry being standing on two legs and staring at me.  I got my camera ready and tried to snap a picture as it left.  I’m sure it was a bear and it did not expect to see me in the early chilly morning.”

            My mom had a very interesting UFO sighting.  She said, “When I was around 10 years old, I lived in a very rural area.  One evening when I was alone, I had a feeling of heaviness.  It’s hard to explain.  I just felt a heavy presence over the house.  I decided to look out of the back window, and I saw something huge in the sky.  It was moving very slowly towards the house and then moved over it.  There were tons of lights under it, and I remember, it didn’t make a sound.  I figured that no one would believe me, when my sister ran into the house and said, ‘Did you see that?’  I was so happy that someone else had seen it.  I don’t believe in UFO’s, but it was sure odd.”

            Darn.  The duck never gets to see anything neat.  All I ever saw was a disturbingly large bee once….  Do you guys have any stories to share?

Duck Foot


9 thoughts on “Big Toe and Flying Stuff

    1. Gators must be getting Big Foot sightings all the time, then. We must train them to take photos, and then someday we’ll get actually proof of the large-footed creature’s existence. Problem is, do gators have thumbs?


  1. My big foot was a bear. My greatest fear was that I would go down in history as yet another photographer that could not properly focus and take a picture of big foot. I was relieved that it turned out to be a bear and I did not have to prove my sighting with a fuzzy photo.

    How is it that in the world of auto focus – modern cameras cannot focus on big foot.


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