Salty and Sweet

When playing one of the “Kingdom Hearts” games, the characters would sometimes eat sea salt ice cream, and I thought that it sounded like a rather unpleasant treat.  Mmm, salty ice cream.  But, then I heard that it was a real thing and became curious.  Perhaps it’s rather scrumptious.  I must try it.

And since it doesn’t seem to be sold in stores anywhere nearby, I decided to make some.  The recipe I used is on a blog called “Disorganization XIII”.  I used almost a teaspoon of salt, as they did.  It seemed fine at first, kind of like salty vanilla ice cream, but then it ended up being too much.  It’s not bad tasting, really, but it still tastes a bit like eating the ocean.  If I ever made it again, I would add more like half a teaspoon or three quarters of a teaspoon of salt instead, and I think it will be rather yummy then.  I didn’t add any of the food coloring to make it blue, so it just stayed a yellowish white.  I did, however, use actual sea salt.  So it’s the real deal.

A Salty Duck


4 thoughts on “Salty and Sweet

  1. I’ve had sea salt ice cream duck and it was delightful. There is a place in the city that offers it as one of their standard flavors I believe. I’ve also had sea salt caramels. Some of those I like but others, the taste turns me off. It’s the salt ratio. Too much and you’re right, it feels like your eating the ocean :).


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