Splash Goes the Fish

The Majestic Koi

Another one of my pictures not worthy to be on a page.  I did this one quite a while ago.  Since koi seem to be a popular thing to draw, I decided to draw one myself.  I put a Japanese-ish sun in the background, and tried to be artsy with the water.  Watch it jump in all its majestic, aquatic glory.  Oh, and this is my property.

The Duck that Made a Splash


12 thoughts on “Splash Goes the Fish

  1. I’ve missed looking at your artwork. Impressive! Carl’s right, this would make for an interesting shirt. Or even album cover or something like that. hmm.
    Hope you’re well, Duck!
    TC x


    1. Thank you much. Yes, I guess it could go on a shirt or album cover or something. That would look rather neat, if I do say so myself. I am indeed well. Hope you are, too.
      And thanks for liking this post.


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