Baby Teeth

I hated losing my baby teeth.  Yes, even a duck such as myself had to deal with such a thing, even though ducks aren’t supposed to have teeth, which kind of makes me a freak of nature.  Even though it’s perfectly normal, it was rather disturbing having teeth fall out.  But, it wasn’t so bad at first.  I remember my first tooth came out when I was eating corn on the cob.  I didn’t even know what the small, hard, white thing on the plate was at first.

            I greatly loosened another tooth eating a turkey leg at a Renaissance Faire.  It upset me quite a bit, and I had to sit down for a while and almost passed out from the rather unnecessary stress.  I don’t know why it horrified me so much, but I never ate those turkey legs again.  Another tooth got loose when I was flossing, and the floss went under the tooth and pulled it out part way.  My mouth bled quite a bit, and I was quite traumatized once again.

            Then, I faced a new issue.  Over the years, my teeth had become quite attached to me, in more ways than one.  Apparently, they loved their home so much, they decided they didn’t want to leave.  Yes, we had been through fantastic times together, breakfast, lunch, dinner, even snacks and desserts, but it was time we parted ways.  These teeth did get loose all right, but they would hang on by a thread of something, and no amount of tugging or twisting could break the bond between me and tooth.  They’d hang in there for weeks.  I twisted one tooth about completely several times, but to no avail.  My dad eventually had to give them a tug.

            And then, my teeth became even more determined to stay in.  They would not come out at all.  No, they were standing their ground…er, gum this time.  They decided the best way to win this war was to grow long roots.  The dentist had to finally pull out about four or so, and we were shocked to see the roots on those things.  I’m relieved I’m done with all of that now.  Being a duckling was hard.

The Duck with Grown Up Teeth Now


4 thoughts on “Baby Teeth

  1. Oh Duck, I’m sorry. I am the biggest chicken when it comes to all things teeth and dentist related (do chickens get along with ducks, I hope so!). I try to keep my teeth/gums/mouth in great shape because the thought of even walking into the dentist’s office gives me goosebumps. Maybe I’ll keep a turkey leg in my pocket just in case. Turkey before drill I always say.


    1. Yes, chickens and ducks do get along. Chickens are fine folk. Teeth stuff is indeed awful. I try very hard, too, to keep my chompers healthy, and yet I’ve still needed many teeth pulled due to overcrowding. Sometimes you just can’t win. Methinks a turkey leg is indeed a great addition to your first aid kit to deal with tooth problems.


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