Kafei and Anju

So close and yet so far. That was quite cliche.

Here’s another picture that wasn’t good enough to go on the pages, but I still wanted to show you guys.  I drew this picture after playing “The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask”, and even though I had played it many times before, I was so touched by Kafei and Anju’s little love story that I had to draw a picture for it.  In the game, there is a very small mini story that isn’t required, but you can do it in order to get items and stuff.  In it, Kafei, on the left, had a curse put on him that made him look like a child, even though he’s really a man.  (So nothing weird’s going on.)  He was so ashamed of his appearance that he hid in the storage room of his friend’s shop, as seen in the picture.  On the bed is the Keaton mask, which he always wears when he goes outside.  In his hand is a letter to his girlfriend, Anju.  Anju doesn’t know what happened to him, though, and she ends up asking you to find him for her.  In the picture, she’s standing in the room she shares with her mother at the inn they own.  On the last night, shortly before the moon is about to fall, she waits there for Kafei, near her wedding dress.  On the bottom right corner is the moon mask, her wedding mask.  You have to help Kafei retrieve his wedding mask, the sun mask, that was stolen from him (upper left), and he will bring it to her at the end.  Once you beat the game and prevent the moon from falling, the credits show what became of the people you helped, and in their case, the curse is broken and they get married.

            Now, when it came to preparing for this picture, I spent much time drawing every single detail of these rooms to get it all right.  It took a while.  I made little maps of where everything was, then, I drew the items in detail.  I drew this picture in pencil before drawing my “Super Paper Everyone” picture, and I was so excited for the latter picture, I finished that one before this one.  During the “Super Paper Everyone” picture, I got my tablet, so once I returned to this picture, I decided to trace over it all with the tablet to give it clean, black lines.  I’m sad this picture doesn’t look as good as I remembered, but oh well.  Anyway, the locations and the people are property of Nintendo.

The Duck, a Hero and Detective


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