Clank and Ratchet

I recently beat “Ratchet and Clank”.  It took about two weeks.  It was quite fun and pretty funny, too.  Plot-wise, the evil Drek’s homeworld became so polluted, he decided to build a new one.  And how do you go about building a planet?  Well, apparently, Drek’s taking chunks of other planets and putting them together to make a new one, which is certainly not good for the victims of his scheme.  So of course, Ratchet and Clank must save the day.

            And it certainly helps that they get a bunch of different guns and gadgets throughout the course of their adventure.  There’s a flamethrower, guns that shoot missiles, and even a gun that changes small enemies into chickens.  There’s also a super expensive gun I could never afford (it’s a whopping 150,000 bolts) called the RYNO, which apparently stands for Rip You a New One.  Someday I must save up and see what a gun with that name does.  It has to be good.  Has to be.  In addition to guns, there’s also an O2 mask for breathing in space and underwater, a swingshot for swinging across some gaps, a hydrodisplacer for emptying pools of water and filling up others, and maganboots for walking up certain metal surfaces, even upside down.

            One thing I particularly liked was the hologuise, which allows you to look like a robot so you can get into the robot factory.  Pressing the O button causes you to wave, and the robots wave back, which I find strangely funny.  Of course, there is an actual purpose to this, as it allows you to get the attention of the robots so they can remove forcefields for you.  Unfortunately, you can’t jump in disguise, so you must leave it at times, during which any robots that see you will run to press a button that activates a pretty deadly security system.  That is, if you don’t destroy the robots first.  If you’re quick with the Devastator, they shouldn’t be much of a problem.

            Also, sometimes Clank is on his own, and he finds these mini robots that follow him around and attack enemies.  They’re adorable, about as cute as mini sheep, which don’t show up in this game.  I’m starting to lose hope on the mini sheep situation.  The cute robots do, however, show up again with the Glove of Doom, which shoots out these little buggers, who then proceed to go on a mini rampage.

            On a side note, I’ve never liked Ratchet.  Clank’s fine, though.  On another side note, Captain Qwark’s personal trainer is terrifying.

Ratchet and Duck


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