Ahoy There or Something

Yo ho ho, and a picture of a boat.

I’ve been working on a picture of an octopus with a sunken ship in the background, and since the ship took so darn long, I decided to just draw a whole ship that I can use in future pictures if the need arises.  I really didn’t want to have to draw that again.  It took forever!  I hated working on it!  Hated it!  Now I can just stick this in the picture, make a few changes, you know, make it longer, shorter, change the shape of things, add more masts, or whatever.  I left the ropes simple.  I can fix them later.  And as you can see, I didn’t do the very top.  And I don’t feel like adding it.  And the bottom is currently a sandy ocean bottom.  I didn’t feel like finishing the rest.  You usually won’t see the bottom anyway, will you?  Unless it’s a flying boat.  Darn you, flying boats!

            Anyway, I used my little model ship as a reference, and I made a few of my own changes.  I left the lines that are behind other things in case I need them.  I can always erase them later.

Captain Duck


6 thoughts on “Ahoy There or Something

  1. Study some frigate pictures(this is a brig). You will need much more rigging on the sides of the ship for the three masts. Full sail they take an enormous amount of pressure and would snap without the support ropes. The squares that you will see are the rope ladders for the sailors to get to the spars to let the sails up and down. I would raise the gunwales a little bit because being so low would flood the ship in rough water. The number of masts is fine for an eight gun ship. The rest of the rigging is adequate for a picture whose subject is not the ship itself. And a sunken ship may have a broken mast or two and much rigging rotted away. If you will provide the latitude and longitude I have friends that will finance the expedition to find the treasure. I hope it is not in deep water and in international waters because the Bahamian government claims 80% tax for example and that is something that determines if the dive is cost effective.


    1. Thanks for the info. I just used my little model ship, but I should find a better reference sometime. I wondered about the location of the cannons. If you go looking for the treasure, you may have the octopus to contend with. He’s a greedy octopus with sticky fingers. Well, tentacles.
      And thanks for liking this post.


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