Fallen Comrades

I thought I’d write about the games I got rid of.  I sold them because they weren’t very good…or I had more than one copy of it.  It’s kind of embarrassing how that happened.  But, anyway…

            I had two copies of “Kirby Superstar” for the Super Nintendo because I thought my first order wasn’t being sent.  Then, it was.  They both worked great, but one had a cleaner cartridge, so I kept that one and sold the other.  I think I got a decent price for it.  It’s one of the best Kirby games, I’ve heard.  That other copy is staying with me.  Now I just need to sell my extra copy of “Hunter: The Reckoning”….

            A game I sold recently was “Mirror’s Edge” for the XBox 360.  I saw an ad for the comic, and it looked cool, so when I saw that there was a video game for it, I had to try it out.  But, I didn’t really like it.  It’s hard to explain really.  I just didn’t.  And the colors were mainly white and this intense red, which is probably supposed to be artsy, but was unpleasant to look at.  I left off in this building where people kept shooting at me, and I couldn’t find the exit.  The game is in first-person, and you run and jump around on rooftops and stuff, which was interesting, but still.  The comic may be much better, but I just wasn’t a fan of the game.

            I also sold “The Lord of the Rings: TwoTowers” or whatever it’s called for the GameCube.  It could be quite difficult, and not in a fun way, plus it had some yucky violence, despite being rated T.  Boo.

            “Croc 2” for the Game Boy Color, the game that chose to have passwords instead of save files.  So you’d have to enter passwords to continue from where you left off, but these passwords often didn’t work.  After replaying levels many times, I finally made it to the end, but couldn’t beat the final boss.  I gave up, and it got sold.  Bye bye.

            Another game was “Warriors of the Lost Empire” for the Playstation Portable.  I guess it takes place in ancientRomeor something, and you choose between four playable characters, two guys, two gals.  I chose the woman with the extra good magic in hopes that she would later get healing spells.  I likes me my healing spells.  The game consisted of going through a whole bunch of pretty much identical dungeons.  When you died, you had to start over, but didn’t lose anything, so there was no incentive to try not to die really.  I finally beat it, but I don’t know why I bothered.  There wasn’t much plot-wise, and the way you upgraded things made no sense.  The artwork for the characters when they spoke was pretty, though.

            I also sold “Spyro: Season of Ice” for the Game Boy Advance.  It was too hard and annoying, and I could never beat it, even though I got close to the end.  But, falling to my death so many times and being completely unable to find any more of whatever I needed to move on got old, so I quit trying.

            “Bomberman Max 2: Red Advance” for the Game Boy Advance was annoying.  It was one of the only Game Boy games I could beat, but I just don’t like it.  Your character apparently gets shrunk somehow, but I don’t remember much else about what was going on, except the game was just silly.  I particularly remember world 2, which was a library, I think, and I kept getting cornered by enemies, which is quite a problem in Bomberman games because if you try to flee, you’ll touch the enemy and die, and if you use a bomb, it will kill both the enemy and you.  And the music was annoying.  I can still remember it.  Meh.

            I found that “Super Mario Advance” is a Game Boy Advance version of “Super Mario Brothers 2” or something, which I have in “Super Mario All-Stars” for the Super Nintendo, the one where you can play as Mario, Luigi, Peach, or a Toad, and the characters pick veggies and throw them at enemies.  The difference, creepy sound effects.  Considering that it gave me the creeps, and I already had a better version of it, selling it was an easy decision.  And I got a decent price.

Occasionally a Game-Selling Duck


3 thoughts on “Fallen Comrades

  1. u r the ultimate of “cool.” i liked this post so much. what it made me want more clearly is a “list” or outline of sorts from a brain like yours on what u look for in a video game vs what has turned you off so to speak. don’t know if u r interested …?
    thanks for bringing the likes of “Me” into your space. keep on.


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