My Second Comic Idea

I recently started my next comic, but I’ve been pretty lazy on it and only did the first page or so.  Bah!  I’ll get back to it soon.  Now’s a good time to tell you guys what it’s about, though.

            When I wrote my post “A Quest for a Pen”, I suddenly got an idea, as if slapped by a Muse.  A metaphorical journey to become an artist, learning new skills, practicing those skills, and also finding the perfect tools.  It gave me the idea of a world drained of color and happiness, and a young girl finds a beautiful, colorful bird that remembers what it used to be like when the whole world had color.  So she and the bird go on a quest to restore color and happiness to everyone.  Along the way, she’ll find weapons to use against evil, such as a magical eraser for destroying evil Smudges.  She’ll also get other tools, including an inking pen and such.  I haven’t decided on all of it yet.

            Also, the comic is going to start off in black and white except for the bird.  Artsy and inexpensive!  As it goes on, I will add colors and such, perhaps up until the main characters defeat the main evil creature/person/whatever.  I am quite excited about this project, despite the fact that I’m slacking on it.  I should get back to writing the script and designing the characters soon, I hope.

An Artsy Duck

11 thoughts on “My Second Comic Idea

  1. The main character could be an epic hero like Hercules or Gilgamesh and of the stuff of Virgil and Homer. Have him/her weather and mature and emerge from an apotheosis as the glorified Everyman. The color thing is cool and when the Darkness is finally vanquished the world returns to its original pristine colorfulness. Rec review characteristic of epic heroes and quick Wiki review of plots of those stories.


    1. Luckily for me, I have a big fat book on mythology, including Hercules and Gilgamesh, so I know what you’re talking about. I tried to make the main character change in my first comic, but I can try to make this one change, too. I’m glad you like the color thing. I was hoping it would be a neat idea.
      And thanks for liking this post.


  2. Sounds almost like a cross between the books “the Giver” by Lois Lowry and “the Phantom Tollbooth” by Norton Juster. Those, by the way, are two of my all-time favorites.

    Your idea definitely sounds like something I’d want to read.


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