It’ll Knock Your Socks Off

A while ago I came up with an idea for an invention.  Weird socks.  Stay with me now.  Don’t you hate when your clothes have no pockets?  Then, you have to carry everything around.  How awful is that?  So awful!  That’s why I invented the pocket sock!  Now you always have pockets, in your socks!

            If you’re not already filled to bursting with amazement, I also have the denim sock, the leather sock, even the biodegradable sock.  Why a biodegradable sock, you ask?  Ever walking along and see a lone sock lying by the side of the road?  That’s why.

            I also have the stylish zip-up socks and button-up socks.  Socks for every occasion!  (And there’s probably no need, but I must add that this idea is my property.  I could just see someone taking my idea and this somehow making money, and I’ll be both shocked and annoyed.)

Sock Duck

11 thoughts on “It’ll Knock Your Socks Off

  1. When traveling I advise people to not carry the originals of any documents because of pickpockets. When I have to be in less safe areas of Miami I keep my money tucked into my sock by my ankle. So not a silly idea at all, Duck.


  2. Crazy sock idea – or is it? I’ve hidden stuff in my sock before. And Scots stick a dirk in it.
    You could link up with because you seem to have inventiveness in common. I like his ideas too.
    And thanks for the prolific commentary back at mine.


    1. I’ve actually never hidden anything in my socks, but I should. No one can pickpocket me, then! At least, I’d notice if they were reaching for my feet. That site is something to check out. Thanks.
      And thanks for liking this post.


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