Egregious Things

I was thinking about things that bother me.  I’m not even in a bad mood or anything.  I was just thinking about them.  Like how things are so hard to open.  With beverages, you need to have a steely death grip on the lid to get them open.  I have received so many injuries doing just this.  I cut my thumb pretty badly once opening a can of Pepsi.  And then there’s the times when it says to pull the tab, and there is no tab.  Or there is, but you can’t pull it.  Or it says “cut here” on a re-closable bag and when you do, it cuts it in a way that the zipper doesn’t work anymore.  And then there are the dreaded packages that are completely encased in plastic and are a weird shape, so even if you start cutting it with scissors, the plastic then makes an insurmountably sharp turn that your scissors have no chance of overcoming.

            I also hate constellations.  Never do they look like what they should.  This blob is a person, this blob is a horse.  Maybe constellations are supposed to look like something after it’s been mangled in a horrible accident several times.  If someone said, hey, that looks like a bear that was flattened by a tank and then blown up, I might just agree.  But, until then, absolutely not.  (Actually, I would then just question if it, indeed, was possible to flatten a bear with a tank.)

            Another thing worthy of my hate are video games where you can’t save.  Oh, the hours I spent replaying and replaying the Super Nintendo’s “JurassicPark” and “Joe and Mac”.  Every time I give up, I must start all over from the beginning the next time I try.  I am fortunate that all the old Sega Genesis games I have are on the XBox 360, which allows you to save them, even when the originals didn’t.  If they hadn’t been so kind, I would have never surpassed World 3 in any of the Sonic games.

            “Porky Pig’s Haunted Holiday” for the Super Nintendo.  It deserves a post all of its own.  Maybe it will get one.

            Being sticky.

            I know there’s more, but that’s all I can think of right now.  Maybe later.

A Bothered Duck

7 thoughts on “Egregious Things

  1. First off egregious is such a wonderful word, it’s worth coveting. Secondly, being “bothered” is in itself quite posh. Thirdly, anyone who is cool enough to analyze intelligently w knowing power video games this way is someone more cool than elvis. Does Enders Game mean anything to u.
    Fun post. Thx


    1. Cooler than Elvis? Thank you. Thank you very much. No, never heard of Ender’s Game. Egregious is quite delightful, indeed. It’s up there with gregarious and capricious. I’m too lazy to check if I spelled those right.
      Thanks for liking my post.


  2. I know just how you feel Resealable bags never reseal. They allowed you to save games 20 years ago so how can modern game maker forget that feature. Others did not allow you to delete saved games. So I had to save the game by adding just a number or letter or two to create a new save. Then if saved was full you are stuck. I would delete the game and reinstall but all the saves were still there. That sure is a mystery. It seems like any simple task I start turns into a project as something else breaks and then you don’t have the right tool. This stuff really enrages me and the psych tries to get me to see how foolish that is. Well he’s not the one trying to reseal a sealable bag that won’t reseal.


    1. No, modern games don’t have that problem. It’s just some of those old ones. And yet, many from around that time period could save. It makes me think the creators of unsaveable games were trying to mess with us. I’m lucky I never had games that won’t let me delete files, but some only let you have one file, which is annoying.


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