It’s Still Ingenious

I realized recently that my post on “Invader ZiM” was woefully inadequate (as most things I do are), so I’m trying again.  Prepare to be amazed!  Or something.

            Ahem.  First off, this show is a cartoon that used to be on Nickelodeon.  It was created by Jhonen Vasquez, who makes some pretty violent comics such as “Johnny the Homicidal Maniac”, which brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “graphic novel”.  This show doesn’t have as much violence as his comics, but there’s still some.

            The show is about an incompetent alien invader named Zim, who is put on a fake mission to Earth by the Tallest, the leaders of the Irken race (who are only leaders because they’re taller than everyone else).  They sent him on this mission hoping that he’d die along the way.  In fact, they didn’t even know Earth existed.  But, luckily for Zim and unluckily for everyone else, Zim finds Earth and sets out to conquer it.

            After causing his house to sprout from the ground (with wires coming out of it that attach to the neighbor’s houses, you know, like you’d expect), he decides on a disguise to look human, though in this disguise, he is still green and has no ears or nose.  His broken SIR unit (robot), Gir, wears a green dog suit.  This is surprisingly sufficient, except that there is one human who knows what Zim really is, a large-headed kid named Dib that Zim goes to Skool with, who believes in paranormal activity, such as chupacabras and Big Feet.  Well, Dib’s very scary, gothic, gamer sister Gaz knows what Zim is, too, but she’s too busy playing Vampire Piggy Hunter to care.  (By the way, I think Zim goes to Skool to gather information.  I think.)

            Among other characters are Zim and Dib’s teacher, Ms. Bitterz, who is super old and super frightening and Professor Memrane, Dib and Gaz’s dad, who is a genius scientist that loves toast.  One episode also has Tak, another invader that has a grudge against Zim, and her SIR unit, Mimi.  Another episode has Chickenfoot and Turkeyneck.  I’ll leave you to ponder those yourself.

            The show is positively hilarious, most of the time.  In one episode, Zim gets a huge pimple that hypnotizes people when it shakes.  After Gir draws on a face, Zim adds a body and names it Pustulio and then tries to hypnotize the kids at Skool.  In another episode, he finds out that Mars is a giant spaceship, and he pilots it from the face on Mars and tries to use the planet to crush all life on Earth.  Dib manages to save the day by flying Mercury via the lesser known butt on Mercury and stopping his very stupid nemesis.  In another, Zim gets a big destructive robot that can turn invisible, but the problem is, it has no batteries, so as he rides it through the city, Gir must keep finding electrical outlets for it.  Oh, and not only that, but Zim is completely visible and appears to be floating through the air in a sitting position.  And let’s not forget the Christmas episode that includes a song that tells you to “bow down to the power of Santa” or else you’ll “be crushed by his jolly boots of doom”. This probably all sounds very stupid, but it’s actually quite funny.

            Unfortunately, the show was cancelled.  A shame, considering it was one of the few unique things on TV.  Oh well.  I’m already over it.

Tallest Duck


4 thoughts on “It’s Still Ingenious

  1. Thank goodness the show has finally been explained to me, and so lovingly. My giant mutant teenager loves loves LOVES Zim and now I know why.
    Hope all is well in your world! Z


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