I couldn’t think of a creative title, but anyway, I recently beat “Kingdom Hearts: Re: Coded” for the DS, which is a remade version of “Coded”, which came out on a phone.  It took me a little over 19 hours.  The game takes place in a digital version of the journal Jiminy Cricket wrote during the first game, and digital Sora has to get rid of the glitches and figure out where the mysterious message came from.  The game sounded rather silly to me, and so I didn’t expect much from the plot, but it ended up being better than I thought it would be, though I still don’t fully understand it.

            The game was quite fun and consisted of exploring worlds, doing whatever you needed to do there, (for example, in Wonderland, the characters have lost their memory, so you need to find inklings to help them remember) and finding “system sectors”, where you destroy bugs to get rid of glitches.  In many system sectors, each level has a challenge, such as destroy this many Heartless, or don’t miss with more than so many attacks, and you wager a certain percentage of your points.  If you win, you get more points, and if you lose, you lose the ones you wagered.  Sometimes I did pretty good, sometimes pretty sucky.  At the end, you’d buy upgrades, moves, etc. with the points you got.  Good stuff.

            Something unique about this game was the keyholes that you went through at the end of each world.  In several of these, the game was played differently.  Sometimes, it was a side scrolling 2D level, sometimes a shooting type level, and once, there was turn-based fighting.  (Normally, I don’t think they should do that, but it was fine in this game.)

            Methinks this game was easier than the others, which is mostly good, except you didn’t get a ridiculously epic, ridiculously annoying, multi-part boss battle at the end.  A shame about the epic part, but good about the annoying part.  And you’ll never guess who you fight last.  Well, maybe you will.  I don’t know.  I didn’t, at least.

            No cute mini sheep to report, but there still was something super adorable.  From the main menu, you can design a little, cutesy-fied character called an avatar.  You can make it look like a character from the game or design your own thing.  Needless to say, I had quite a bit of fun with that.  Choosing clothes, hair, peepers (that’s what they called the eye section, so I can’t take credit for that bit of funnyness).  Though, one time, I put a belt on the avatar, and its clothes disappeared, and it was naked except for that belt.  That was a bit disturbing.  Naked, belt wearing Sora.  Shudder.  Somehow, the belt made it worse than simply being fully naked.  I now leave you with that image.

 Re: Ducked


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