When a Dollar is More Than a Dollar

I have been to the beach many times in the past, but one thing that always disappointed me was that I never found any cool shells.  I actually had dreams about finding beautiful things on the beach, but the real ocean was not so kind to me.  One thing I really wanted was a sand dollar.

            There was this one beach I went to where there were broken sand dollars all over the shore.  I collected a bunch of pieces, though all were little and no pieces seemed to go together so that I could somewhat say I had found a whole one.

            One cloudy day, though, on another beach years later, I remember walking along the shore, and I saw a piece of trash partially buried in the sand.  It was purple, and I uncovered it with my foot to see what it was.  It was not trash, after all, but a beautiful, complete sand dollar, probably about three to four inches in diameter.  Needless to say, I picked it up and have protected it ever since like it was a copy of “Final Fantasy VII” (which is just about as rare as any sand dollar).

            I keep it now wrapped in cloth in a tupperware container that now has a rather strange odor inside it.  But, I can’t risk losing or breaking my beloved discovery.  The purple has long since faded to a grey white, but I still love it and remember exactly what it looked like when I first found it.  Next thing I hope to find: a live sea horse to call my very own.  Or a friendly sea monster.

Sand Duck


6 thoughts on “When a Dollar is More Than a Dollar

  1. The sand duck is a lucky duck and an informative duck because I will now, thanks to Carl’s comment, be looking into “The Legend of the Sand Dollar.”


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