Arwen already got some attention, so now it’s time to tell you a little bit about my other cat, Alex, nicknamed Wicky.  His nickname was an odd process.  At first, I called him Awex, which turned into Awicky, then Wicky.  He is a fat kitty and is quite nice, which causes him to get terrorized by Arwen a lot.  Occasionally, he gets mad and knocks her down.  And sometimes, he gets down low, ready to attack, then Arwen catches him, and he chickens out and she runs after him.  He really needs to just follow through with his plans, even though they still would have likely resulted in him getting his butt kicked.

Alex also enjoys playing in his water bowl, which displeases me and gets him a scolding.  He doesn’t do it as much anymore, and now he often just lays on his tummy and drinks.  But sometimes, he sticks his paw in the water, holds it up, and tries to catch the drips.  Other times, he just watches his drippy paw, for whatever reason.  Arwen must have seen him do this, as she’s occasionally stuck her paw in the water, as well.

Alex can also be quite talkative and meows at me a lot.  Sometimes, he then leads me somewhere, such as the food bowls that he thinks need refilling, even when they don’t.  He also bumps his head against things when he’s happy.  And it’s often not hard to make him happy.  Sure, he likes being pet, but sometimes he gets happy just from being talked to or even from simply being looked at.  He doesn’t play much because he’s about 11 and grew out of that a while ago (even though Arwen is about 6 or 7 and still likes to play with mice and balls and string), but sometimes he follows my shadow and tries to attack it.

A few weeks ago, Alex unintentionally did something funny.  It was dark, being early morning, and he was laying on the floor, looking at me.  He started to roll a little on the carpet, picking up static, resulting in little glowing sparks on the edges of his body.  I have never seen that before.

Arwen must know what I’m doing right now because as I finish typing this, she keeps bugging me.  She just finally left.

A Duck and Two Cats


8 thoughts on “Wicky

  1. Hello, Duck. Just a few months ago I was petting a cat in the dark, outside, no moon, really pitch dark, and he was sparkling with little lights from the static electricity! My friend couldn’t believe I’d never seen that before. magical cat. So I’m with you. Now we know.

    This same friend thinks I should get a pet cat. I hate litterboxes, but the cat would probably have to be an inside cat ’cause there are lots of other cats in the neighborhood. Any suggestions? Also, in winter little mousies and recently a rat are coming in. A cat would solve that, right? To cat or not to cat, that is the question.


    1. Gasp! You’ve seen a magic glowing cat, too! Yeah, litterboxes are icky, but once you get attached to the cat, you have resigned yourself to the fact that you are doomed to many years of scooping because the cat is too delightful to part with. Plus, at least all the potty is in one convenient place. I would definitely keep the cat inside, but would suggest declawing them so they don’t claw up you and the furniture. My cats are less scary because those front paws can’t harm me. I’m not sure if a cat would do anything about the mouse problem. They are known for that, but mine don’t even do much to bugs. They just pat at them. But, once I had a cat that got weird and didn’t get along with the other cat, so I put him outside, and he massacred all the little animals out there, which was sad, but apparently cats will get rid of these things when they put their minds to it (and he only had back claws). Cats are fun, though. They can still be friendly, though not as much as a dog, and they are clean and don’t need walks. Alex likes to cuddle, while Arwen likes to play, and both talk to me sometimes. I wish they didn’t throw up, though, but they haven’t been doing that much anymore. I hope I helped.


  2. Cat dips paw in water. Hmmm. Duck, let’s cut 50/50 on $$$ for this idea. You are an artist. Why haven’t you thought of getting this cat finger paints?. We could do entire 8×12 wall paper art with little rainbow colored kitty footsies and every vet in the nation will want this feline art for their office Teach em the blue roll, the red tail swirl, ya know, fur as the paint brush. This is our big chance Duck and you are no artist quack so let’s go with it!!!


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