It has come to my attention that I may be stylish.  See me in my Paper Mario pajamas, and you will probably disagree, but that’s what Zahara (that’s your name, right?) of Earthquakes and Rattlesnakes (not to be confused with Earthsnakes and Rattlequakes) says because she has nominated me for The Stylish Blogger Award.  So it looks like I have several tasks ahead of me. 

I am supposed to:

  • Tell you guys seven things about me
  • Nominate about 6 other bloggers
  • Tell them
  • Link back to the person who nominated me

First off, seven things about me.  Hmm.

 1. I love hats with big feathers.  I have two, even though I can’t wear either in public.  But, it doesn’t matter because their feathers are enormous and fill me with glee.

2. I have an instrument called an ocarina, which I still can’t play, plus a harp that I can’t figure out how to tune.  My guitar skills are decent, at least.

3. I am probably one of the only people that enjoys the smell of onions.  Delicious.

4. I used to have a rat named Olimar (named after the “Pikmin” character), and I enjoyed making tiny sandwiches for him.

5. I have fallen in love with fictional characters just because of their voices, no matter how rotten they are otherwise.

6. I have tried to learn Japanese, Spanish, and Latin and have failed at them all.  Watashi wa baka desu.

7. My favorite treats are rugalach and rainbow cookies, the latter of which I’ve dreamt about.

            Now for the nominations.  I actually don’t look at a lot of blogs yet, even though I keep planning on reading more, so I can only nominate a couple.  I’m also too lazy to write a description about them.  Sorry.  They are very entertaining blogs, though, so check them out! 

1. Earthquakes and Rattlesnakes

2. I Know I Made You Smile

3. Goodbye Whoopee Pie

A Stylish Duck


8 thoughts on “Stylish

  1. Stylish Duck! I have an ocarina, too. And I can’t play it either. Or any other instrument for that matter. I’m pretty good on the computer keyboard. Not.
    Tiny sandwiches for your rat? Wonderful.
    Hats with big feathers? Ditto.


    1. That’s cool that you have an ocarina, too. It’s not a common instrument, methinks. The computer keyboard is one of the only thing my hands can manage. But, I type the wrong way, with only two fingers. But, it works.


  2. Dear Duck,

    Thank you so much for the award! I will do you proud, I promise. I also am a fan of hats with big feathers. The more elaborate the better. I have none though so I am a smidge jealous of your collection. I also however am a fan of tiny sandwiches which I have had on several occasions so, I now feel a little better and think I can keep the jealousy at bay.

    Thank you again and congrats to you!!


    1. You are welcome! I should start wearing my large feathered hats in public and maybe they’ll be in style again. Then, we all will be able to buy giant feathered hats. Because it’s the right thing to do.


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