A Prime Spot for a Nap

I have two cats, an older boy named Alex and a younger girl named Arwen, and they just don’t get along.  Sometimes she simply looms over Alex when he’s lying down or traps him in rooms.  He’s afraid of her, even though he’s twice her size, so if she blocks a doorway, he just can’t get out, and I have to escort him to safety.  Other times, things get more violent.  Everything is peaceful, and then I hear this screeching, and I run out to find Arwen chewing on his head.  Or pulling on his tail.  This appendage of his must be a great mystery to her, as she is a Manx and possesses no tail of her own.  She just has a very short thing that wiggles sometimes, which I call her “butt stump”.  I know, mature.

But, despite her violent tendencies, she is rather adorable, and since there is too much to write about her, I’ll focus on one thing, her napping habits.  Sometimes she likes to make “nests”, especially when she’s cold.  She may just lie in a bowl of blankets, but there have been times I’ve caught her under the covers of my bed with her head on a pillow.  I don’t know if she’s seen me do it or if she thought it up herself.  Recently, though, she’s taken up something unnecessarily complex.

For some reason, Arwen has now decided that she likes to pull the cover off the end of my bed (not the easier pillow end, mind you), tug it back to reveal the blanket beneath, and then sleep there.  Several times, I have watched her struggle, leaning over the side to such an extent that I’m surprised she hasn’t flipped over.  There was one time, after a short struggle with the cover, she jumped to the floor and looked up at the stubborn piece of fabric, no doubt pondering the next course of action.  I decided to help her out, but as I stepped forward, she sped off, apparently thinking she was in trouble.  I don’t know why she’d care.  It’s not like I do much of anything when she’s naughty, except to get her away from Alex.

So I went looking for her and found her on the other side of the living room.  I called to her a distance away, reassuring her that I wasn’t cross at all, and she came running.  I went into my room, pulled the cover up, and called for her to follow me in.  She did, looked at what I had done, then, came over to be pet, as if to say thank you.

Then, she jumped up to her preferred sleeping spot for a much needed rest.  Of course, this didn’t prevent her from trying to bite me when I pet her shortly afterward.  Figures.

Kitty Duck


8 thoughts on “A Prime Spot for a Nap

  1. I have a cat named Charlie Babbitt and just this evening, as I gave her a good ten minutes of love by petting her in my lap, I accidentally touched her back leg and she looked at me with such disdain, I hung my head in shame. Who owns who I wonder :).


    1. Ha ha! That reminds me of when yesterday, I pet Arwen and took her by surprise, causing her to jump, and she gave me a stern look. What do we get out of these animals? We pay money so that we can serve them! They should be petting and feeding us.


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