The Walnut Tree

I was watching an episode of “Dirty Jobs” a while ago, the one where Mike goes to a walnut…farm?  Orchard?  I don’t know.  Anyway, I was reminded of how healthy walnuts are supposed to be, and so I, always looking for healthy foods that I can actually stand, had to go get some.  At first, they weren’t as yummy as they looked, but I forced myself to keep eating them, and now they are quite scrumptious.  It’s more a snack than a health food.  They have a good amount of copper in them, though, which makes me wonder if I now conduct electricity better than I used to.

            Now, I would normally not write a post just about food…except for the toast one, but these nummy treats reminded me of when I was a duckling, and my mom and I used to walk along this pretty road.  It was a small road, part of which was surrounded by large, green trees.  (You’d often find dozens of green caterpillars scattered about on it, many of which had gotten run over by cars.  Poor things.)  As you went, there would be a field to one side and on the other, an area with long grasses and a creek.

            And I remember that there was one walnut tree growing by the road, on the side with the field.  I took a nut home once and tried to make it into a tiny box like I saw in a craft book, but I had trouble keeping the two sides together and became quite cross with the disobedient nut.  Nevertheless, I thought I kept it, but I haven’t seen it in years.

            I have quite fond memories of that road.  I actually don’t even know where it led because we never went really far on it.  It’s weird what can get you thinking about the past.  Here’s to walnuts!  They’re healthy, possibly make you a better conductor of electricity, and may still grow on that lovely road by the creek.  (Or crick, if you prefer.)



6 thoughts on “The Walnut Tree

  1. I love walnuts, too. I chop ’em up and put ’em in me oatmeal. Or I just snack on ’em. Lovely story, I was there walking along watching you and your mom and the green caterpillars.


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