Some Unforgivable Mistakes

It’s been a long time coming.  I’ve put it off and put it off because I didn’t think I was ready.  And it’s silly because if it doesn’t turn out right this time, I can do another someday when I’m better.  What I’m talking about is fan art.  Fan art for a very specific game.  I take my fan art seriously, especially for the characters I love most, and I just couldn’t make a picture for this game yet because I just needed it to turn out perfect.  How can I go on in life if some of my favorite characters end up looking less than glorious?  And they probably still won’t, but I can’t wait any longer.  I have decided I will soon work on some “Kingdom Hearts” fan art.  While I had practiced every day for over a year with these characters when I was just learning to draw, I have never done any official pictures of them.  I am so ashamed that after all that practice, I still have trouble.  I am truly a wretch.

            So to prepare, I’ve decided to fix several of my problems.  In coloring and in face proportions.  For the first issue, I stubbornly insist that shading must be gradual despite the fact that I see all around me from nature to professional art that it isn’t.  I’ve decided to stop relying on my own flawed judgment and to just give in and start coloring as I should.  Because it’s just the right thing to do.

            For the latter, it just makes sense.  My chins (No, not MY chins!  You know what I mean!) are too small and the foreheads are not long enough.  No more scrunched faces!  I looked in my pose book and started doing some face maintenance.  Face-tenance.  Same for when the head is seen from the side.  I made the head end not far behind the ear, when really it ends quite a ways back.  This looks odd, but it must be correct.  I just never noticed before because I don’t usually spend time staring at the sides of people’s heads.  Perhaps I should.

Scrunchy No-Chin Duck


6 thoughts on “Some Unforgivable Mistakes

  1. reminds me of playing words-w-friends w my husband. sometimes i just don’t have the letter i need for the spaces available and vice versa! i know, not as important as professional fan art but i hear u feeling that feeling i get up against the wall. keep on!


  2. Yo, chinless, I think it’s great that you can identify the areas that need improvement and zap them with your Duck-Ray-Vision! Good work, can’t wait to see the finished product.


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