A Post on Toast

Recently, I was pretty much looking like my avatar.  Yuck!  Runny nose, cough, a painful throat.  Just a general case of the icks.  And so one thing I knew I could safely eat without fear was toast, and it occurred to me how odd it is that burnt bread is so darn delicious.  This poem is dedicated to you, toast.

Burn some bread,

And you’ve got toast.

It’s just the thing

I like the most.

Put some butter on

That white or wheat

And you’re all ready

To eat and eat.

Cream cheese or gravy

Or even some honey.

There’s so many toppings,

It’s not even funny.

Jams and jellies

And marshmallow fluff.

Marmalade, peanut butter,

And all that fun stuff.

Have it for a meal

Or to break your fast.

You’ll want it for first

And also for last.

It’s good when you’re well;

It’s great when you’re ill,

Like a yummy, crunchy,

Buttery pill.

So now I must eat

Some more burnt bread.

I’ll eat it all up

Until it is dead.

Yum, yum, munch, munch!

Butter and jam and jelly…

Oh, my tummy hurts;

I feel quite unwelly.

Too much toast,

Not another lick.

I hate toast now!

It makes me sick!

That is all.  I hope you enjoyed my silly poem.

A Toasty Duck


6 thoughts on “A Post on Toast

  1. Buttery pill! Great poem, an ode to toast, made me laugh while I munched on granola. The granola is jealous. Hope you’re feeling better, and back to liking toast soon.


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